Correction of names on the Honour Boards at BCS Dining, Irwin Hall etc.

Dear OCs,


We are already aware that the ‘Honour Boards’ at BCS are a source of inspiration and very dear to all of us.

Every time we visit School and see our name/s displayed on those boards, we feel ecstatic and proudly show it to our children, wife, friends etc. Because to be up there sums-up our hardwork, our achievements and entire time spent in school, be it sports or academics.

But if a name is not rightly displayed or mis-spelt, we feel dejected and embarrassed.

Therefore, with due apology, I humbly request you to inform us via email Ashwani Singh Virk <>or WhatsApp (98101-94724), if you have noticed such an un-intended error in your name displayed or any other related mistake on the ‘Honour Boards’ at School so that we are able to request them to rectify the same at the earliest.

Best wishes,

Ash Virk
President- OCA Delhi (NCR) Chapter
(Mob. 9810194724)

6 thoughts on “Correction of names on the Honour Boards at BCS Dining, Irwin Hall etc.


    I am so glad you bring this up. For many years after leaving BCS I noticed that there was no entry for the 1962 and 1963 Hockey and Soccer XI. I should have been on both. Because Mr. Paul was responsible for submitting the names and the order they appear, I am sure mistakes were made

    1. Ashwani singh virk

      Dear Mr. Jai Joshi, sorry to send you a delayed reply. I have noted your concern. Rest assured, I am working on it. I have received many emails and queries about the same subject. So i would follow up on them collectively. Kindly bear with me till then.
      Best rgds,
      Ash. Virk (R) 1980


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