OCs at BCS Chapel – photo

Uday Jubbal (Ibbetson 1960-66) and Kanwar Vijay [Peelu] Singh of Sheikhupura at the Bishop Cotton School Chapel on Thursday the 11th November 2021

Photo sent by Uday Jubbal

5 thoughts on “OCs at BCS Chapel – photo

  1. Vijay Khurana

    This Vijay SIngh (Peelu) is not from Lefroy. He was in Curzon and finished much before 1966. He is the younger brother of Padam Singh. Both superb marathon runner with the advantage of their long striding ability !!

  2. K.Vijay Singh

    Brings back a flood of memories…having spent so many mornings there…it’s a piece of history…Good to see my classmate Uday ,with Peelu my name sake…

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