Canada OCs get-together Sept 2021

Greetings to the OC community in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, New York and Australia. I hope this email finds you in the best of health and wealth.

14 OC’s along with our spouses got together for drinks, food and lots of laughter.

Jeevan and Bogie came decked full with their Spartan ties. The Greed is Good 80’s graduates with success showing in their fast cars and shaven heads were there. And then there were the young guns.

Sumant got married in 2003 and Cottonians are known for taking a long honeymoon. He decided to return to the fold after 14 yrs.

Next month we head to the movie and dinner by seeing the latest James Bond movie. Next year BBQ and a trip to the Shaw Festival on Niagara on the Lake.

In 1998 there were just four of us in the Greater Toronto Area. We are more than 50 strong here and if we are to include Montreal and Vancouver at least 75.

Stay strong, stay safe, fight the good fight and overcome evil with good.

Jerry Godinho

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Please find below names of all the OCs who attended :

OCs who attended the dinner on Sept-11-2021

Left to Right
1. Ishan Soni
2. Jasraj Singh
3. Aman Sood
4. Jerry Godinho
5. Sumit Arora
6. Vishal Rana
7. Rishi Sood
8. Jeevan Goyal
9. Saranjit Ghakal
10. Sumant
11. Gautam Salwan
12. Gurpreet Bhogal
13. Prashant Sehgal
14. Sanjay Chadha

Thanks and have a great day ahead,
Jasraj SIngh
Ibbetson 2009

5 thoughts on “Canada OCs get-together Sept 2021

  1. Gay Niblett

    What a wonderful gathering. Congratulations.
    I hope that we in the UK can follow suit sometime in December, when travel restrictions are fully relaxed. It is now two years since our Annual OCA (UK) Lunch in London saw OCs from around the world meet up.
    We miss the large contingent from India, who came over to London to get away from the heat in India. We sadly, can’t make it to India.
    Keep up the. Meetings in Canada, as in the USA.

    With very best wishes,

    Gay Niblett
    Hon. Life President OCA(UK)

  2. Indi

    Good for you guys! WHENEVER the world comes back to its senses and back to even keel, I simply HAVE to make a trip to Canada. When that does happen, shall be touching base and look forward to the pleasure of the company of all of you.

  3. Gerald GODINHO

    Hi Vijay, in Toronto stag is not encouraged at all. All OC’ a are always encouraged to bring their significant other. Jeevan, Sumant, Sanjay and me had their spouses. The spouses understand us better. Jeevan has his full hair. Prashant, Sanjay and me all capitalists and MBA’s are the 80’s grads

  4. Vijay Khurana

    Super Stag party. It would have been great if the group photograph identified each member clearly (numbers were small so that should be easy!) since I am unable to figure out which bald guy is Jeevan Goyal !! He would appear to be the only one from the 1960’s era.

    1. admin Post author

      The get-together wasn’t “stag” …the photos show many of the spouses and partners who attended! The listing of names is pretty clear for the group photo…in sequence Left to Right. Jeevan Goyal is in the middle of the photo. Blazer, tie, white shirt. Not bald!

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