BCS 163rd Founder’s Day / Live Facebook Event

We would like to invite you to join our 163rd Founder’s Day Live Facebook Event, either online at our BCS Facebook page, or in person at our BCS Heritage Campus, Shimla.  The event is being held on 28 July at 2pm in the Irwin Hall, Bishop Cotton School, Shimla, HP..

We are welcoming our Old Cottonian historian Raaja Bhasin as guest speaker who will be speaking on the unique history of Bishop Cotton School. 

Regards, Rebecca Weale

Communications mobile: 8894454565

BCS founded in 1859. 2021 makes it the 162nd Founder’s Day not 163rd!

3 thoughts on “BCS 163rd Founder’s Day / Live Facebook Event

  1. Inderjit Chadda

    It would have been a great pleasure and an honour to join you all on the 28th July, but unfortunately we have no flights to India from New Zealand and till He decides not much any of us can do. How ever, I do want to send my best wishes for the success of the great occasion — which, I’m sure it will be…Best regards
    Inderjit Chadda
    L 1948 – 1954

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