School Song played on the Organ

Dear All,

I am forwarding, as an attachment, the School song recently played on the organ in the Chapel. It is nice and it is different.


Vijay [Khurana]

Thanks Vijay.

Great to hear the school organ again. I’d have loved to hear the same with the microphone(s) placed towards the back of the chapel. We’d get the effect of the high ceiling and size of the chapel along with the memories of being there.

VK Pawa

4 thoughts on “School Song played on the Organ

  1. Deepak Kumar Thakur

    Thanks Vijay. It was great to hear the School Song on the organ. Haven’t heard it since 1973.

  2. Indi

    Delighted the Chapel organ has been dusted and is back in use.
    But the School Song, unless I’ve gone tone deaf, on the organ doesn’t quite sound the way I remember it.
    And remember it I do since very often I end up singing that very inspiring song to myself. Love the words and the tempo.

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