Saddened to inform: Mrs Kamini Mustafi passed away

It is with deepest sorrow I inform you that Mrs Kamini Mustafi passed away this morning at 8:48 am after having fought for a month.

Above is the message as received from Mr. Kabir Mustafi.
[10:23 AM, 6/4/2021] Vijay Khurana: Deepest sympathies and our condolences. We felt and had all hopes that we would win this battle. I am sorry we lost but you did not give up without a sterling and committed effort.
Our hearts go out to you, Adhiraj, Ishita and the members of your family. We share your loss and the pain is hard when life fades away from the ones you hold most precious.
Good bye, Kamini, you memories will live in our hearts. We thank you for touching so many lives and guiding so many of us. You left a mark and were an example to so many of your students. They were all your children. Thank you.
May He hold Kamini in His arms and may He give you courage to bear this loss.
Cherzad, Kanav & Vijay

9 thoughts on “Saddened to inform: Mrs Kamini Mustafi passed away

  1. Kabir Mustafi

    The love and support that we received from Cottonians across the world, spearheaded by three “generations” of OCs, Vijay Khurana-Bhumitra, Cherzad Bin Abid and Kanav Monga and then more and more friends and children and colleagues, simply overwhelmed us. Kamini was worried about how we would manage and when I told her how much she was loved and respected, she started crying.
    So, thank you beloved BCS and all those you have nurtured in these last one hundred and sixty two years of your historic life.
    God’s Grace Be Upon You Always.

    On behalf of Adhiraj Kabir Mustafi (L/ UVI: 1996-7); Isheeta Mustafi (Welham 2000-1), Late Kamini Zohra Mustafi (Head: Junior School/ 2004);

    Kabir (16th HM/ 2004)

  2. Avinash Sharma

    Very sad to hear. My deepest condolences. I will always remember her as a smiling and vibrant person, full of positivity, and always willing to help students in need. May her soul rest in peace and may God give strength to Mr. Kabir Mustafi, Adjiraj, Ishita and rest of the family. I am sure, like mine, all the OC family’s thoughts and prayers will be with them.

    1. Mokshinder Singh.

      Dear Mr Mustafi

      Very sorry to learn of the passing of Mrs Mustafi. I remember her as a wonderful person. May she rest in peace and may God give you and the family the courage to bear this terrible loss.
      Mokshinder Singh
      Ibbetson 1962-68

  3. Ashwani Virk (R) 1980

    May God grant her eternal peace…! We had very high hopes of her recovering through this but alas it was not to be. Heartfelt condolences to the Mr. Mustafi, Ishita and Adhiraj. God bless..!!..🙏

  4. Ashwani Nanda

    Dear Mr. Mustafi..

    Very sorry to learn of the sad & untimely passing of Mrs. Mustafi.. May she be in peace & god give strength & courage to Ishita, Adhiraj, You & all her loved ones to bear the colossal loss..

    Om Shant..

    Cookie, Abhishek
    & Ashwani Nanda

  5. Kunal Verma

    Very sad to hear this…..she was an amazing person and had an amazing journey. May her soul rest in peace 🙏🙏

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