Video by the talented Badal Singh [Inderjit Singh Badal / Lefroy 1951-63]

Badal Singh circulates his very special collection of photos in a very special way. Here is one, which we are sure many many OCs will enjoy very much!

It would be great to have as many old photos from your BCS days as well as any new photos of yourselves / family / old school friends and captioned with the dates and people who appear in these.

Memories are made of the good days and good times spent with friends and loved ones so lets share the love!

9 thoughts on “Video by the talented Badal Singh [Inderjit Singh Badal / Lefroy 1951-63]

  1. SG Singh

    Yarr I thought you were dying of cancer and were already dead. What the F are you doing on here for? Squaking away and B/S like the old days. Still the biggest b/s er calling your self a mining Barron for a couple holes in leased land… LOL

      1. admin Post author

        I agree Jai
        Could have moderated and removed the message you refer to but censorship isn’t what we need. A bit of sensitivity and civility definitely.

  2. Inderjit Chadda

    Great video, lovely memories!! I happen to be in one of the pictures too!!! Keep it up
    Inderjit Chadda
    L 1948 – 1954

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