With deep regret we wish to inform the sad demise of Inderjit Singh Walia (Kreature to his close friends), early morning of 21st.May 2021 in Chennai.He was suffering from Pulmonary  issues for some time.

A very fine sportsman, especially Cricket & Swimming where he brought great  laurels to the school.

Belonged to the famous Pioneer Sports Family most of whom were  Aluminis of the school.

Photographs posted are from his childhood friend & classmate Mr.ND.Mehra.
He was my chacha (Late Fathers Real Brother).

May His Soul Rest In Peace.

Chetan Singh
Ibbetson 1971.

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Inderjeet Singh Ahluwalia (Creature) (I 1951-1958)

Shock and dismay hits you when a long admired and flamboyant idol of your school days is announced in the obituaries. No, he did not fall to the savage Covid. That was not the way he would ever want to go away. His exit would always be on his terms and on his “feet” as it were. I cannot for a moment imagine Inderjeet Singh Ahluwalia (Ibbetson1951-58, Roll no 370 and surname shortened to Walia, post School) leave this world with a Covid as a cause for his departure from this life. 

He was much too proud, courageous and with so much exuberance in his existence that this virus was simply below his dignity. He left when he had exhausted all that this world had to offer him no longer mattered or simply that the attractions to continue with this life stood exhausted andwhen he had had his fill. No he did not leave this world as a disappointed man but one who had lived it to its fullest, as a consumer to whom that promise had been fulfilled.  

I S Walia was fondly known by all who knew him as Creature. Never figured out the origin of that description but he was a phenomenal creature alright. He was, as I recall, from the distance of being  his very junior Cottonian,  a handsome, dashing, flamboyant, carefree man, who possessed a devil-may-care attitude to life. His exceptionally handsome looks were not put to use in the business world where they would have mattered like, for example, on the silver screen or advertising. He was drafted into the large family business of sporting goods. Pioneer Sports, Ludhiana was the source of their wealth and it was compatible with his personality as well. He was a hugely sporting individual when BCS was invested with great athletic talent that was known throughout the Simla Hills and further afar.  

One memorable and indelible image of him remains in my mind and for all those who remember was his presence on  the cricket field. While friends remind me what a trusty and reliable pair of hands he had fielding in the slips it was his batting ability that mattered.  

Creature would enter the batting pitch, one down. After that the display from his bat was scintillating. Virtually every ball within those 15 to 20 minutes he was at the crease would find the boundary. The game came alive and that sparkling display had us enthralled. When he had concluded his innings he would run up to meet the pavilion steps and I can vividly recall what a dashing man he was. His bat was hauled in the air in front of him, as though holding a sword, as he ran up those steps, with that silk cricket scarf in those lively school colours tied like a belt around his waist. It felt like watching a knight in splendid armour having just exited the battle ground. He was dashing. He was an exhibition of vigour and he was what you wanted to be at that moment!!

It was a delight to watch him swim. Every movement in the pool saw him glide past the others with utmost comfort and no resistance visible in those movements in the water.Superb swimmer. Creature, playing soccer, was a midfielder. He was always the most dominant man on the football ground and easily identifiable. As the most visible and prime mover on the ground he strategized the play with utmost ease displaying an intelligence that he never exhibited, unfortunately, in the classroom. That was not his fault because BCS was never a teaching workshop during those times but an institution designed to give you a well rounded personality and an ability to handle life outside its boundaries.

He was bright and sparkling but his love for sports excelled any other interest except when his desire for fun overtook him. It got him sufficiently often in trouble with Mr Freddie Brown, who was also the man who loved this Creature like no other boy during those days. Creature was the kind of boy that Mr Brown probably had been in his youth, mischievous, full of life and loved by all including a large bunch of admirers from St Bede’s

Creature soon joined the family business and selling sporting goods came to him naturally. He was designated by the family to look after their business in Madras which may have just been the right choice for the outgoing personality that needed to be deployed in conservative Tamil Nadu. It took him little, given his ability to adapt, to make an exceptional business for Pioneer Sports in that metropolis.

His large hearted hospitality resulted in any one visiting that city naturally gravitating to his home where the drinks, the meal and the conversation were always great fun. NK and ND Mehra with their connections to Buckingham & Carnatic Mills, popularly called Binny, were regulars at his home in Madras. Their lifelong friendship endured.

I have little updates about this fascinating personality except seen from the days when I was a teenager. The impressions last with you forever and I never got to see him again. News about him would be often shared by friends. His wife passed away as a result of Big C in around 2009 and Creature was cared for by a loving daughter.

Our condolences go out to Deepak Ahluwalia, his younger brother who now lives in Solan, His cousins and nephews, Surinder AhluwaliaH S Mamik, who brother R S Mamik passed away recently, and Chetan Singh, Pioneer Sports in Delhi

“All things bright and beautiful,

All things great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,

It was God that made them all” 

He made this one special for me to remember him in so many vivid images.

– Vijay Khurana


  1. Gurpratap Singh Sahi

    Friends :
    No one could have written this obituary to my School Mate more elegantly than the erudite scholar in the person of Vijay Khurana. He saves me a long commentary, for, having experienced friend and compatriot ( then Creature, now Kreature ) closely in the dorms and outside. Creature had it in him to ask for trouble, but his all round  sporting ability got him off easily from his Sportsman Housemaster Freddie. Anyway, always full of life and good cheer, Creature was the life of the Dorm and plenty outside.
    We were playing mates in the School Cricket Eleven which was described by no less a person than our Famous Coach, Mr EA Cuzen ( Cuzzy between ourselves ) “ as the greatest ever to have represented either of our two Great Schools.” A tall compliment coming from one who, though an Old Cottonian, had taught at both the Schools.
    The sad news on Creature came to me  early that fateful day through his cousin Harmeet Mamik ( my Kuddam ) and Resident here at Chandigarh.
    Creature and I were regular What’s App correspondents, though our last meeting was at School itself at the time of the Golden Jubilee celebration of our Class, precisely mid September 2006.
    My deep and heartfelt condolences to his brother Deepak, his devoted daughter and all his illustrious cousins.
    God bless you Inderjeet, my friend, and keep you in his cosy lap for ever and ever. My final Adieu.

    Gurpratap Singh Sahi…….( Ibbetson ) …. Class of 1956

  2. Gurbrinder Singh Anand

    My condolences to his friends and family.may his soul RIP 🙏🏽

  3. Padam Singh ( Paddy)

    Vijay Khurana gave a very touching write up, that said it all for Inderjit. His younger brother, Deepak passed out in 58, and both were very similar in nature – that’s why they were know as Ctraetue 1 and 2. It was their Devil may care attitude to life.

    Inder will be looking down at us with his trademark smile

  4. Dr. Santokh Singh L-1950-57.

    Inderjit (370 – was his school no.) was my class fellow. He was a very lively chap – in fact the life of our class.
    A good friend & always helpful.
    Condolences to the family. Our prayers to the Almighty to grant his soul eternal peace.

  5. Dhanjal

    Hi Chetan ? If I am not mistaken Kanwal Sunder Singh was called Kreature. He was a great friend of Kanwal Harinder Singh of Ibbetson.

    1. Sam Dhanjal (Ibbetson)

      I think Kanwal Sunder Singh was named Kreature who was a great friend oh Harinder Singh of Patiala . H. Singh was my Captain in Ibbestson.

  6. Preet Uberoi

    Hello Chetan,sorry about Sr Walias passing away. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

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