This is Amit Sethi , son of Suresh Sethi . My dad is from bishop cotton school , currently he is admitted in Delhi and recovering from covid . My mother is at home trying to recover , but because I am settled abroad and there is limited help available for her , I wanted to reach out to the BCS community and see if someone can help with possible admission or even offer medical advise in this times of crisis in Delhi . My sister name is Gitanjali Sood – she is based in Delhi and her number in Delhi is 9910123155 . My number in Canada is 1-857-972-6764 and any help will be highly appreciated . We are trying to see if she can find a good private hospital facility in Delhi / NCR   For my mother .

Look forward for your reply and if you can add me and my sister on a what’s app group it BCS thst will be helpful too .my number on what’s app is 1-403-971-5946 and my sisters number in Delhi is 9910123155 ( cell number as well as number in what’s app ) .

Warm regards ,
Amit Sethi
1-857-972-6764 ( cell )
1-403-971-5945 ( what’s app )
Gitanjali Sood ( cell number and what’s app – 9910123155 )

Suresh Sethi [Ibbetson 1966] is on his way to recovery and due back home shortly according to various OCs who had reached out to assist. Thanks to all who reacted at lightning speed [as always]!

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  1. Amarjit Singh Jaijee

    I have just seen this msg from Amit Sethi. In future if any one needs help, please call Gian Sagar Hospital, Banur on the Chandigarh Patiala highway. We are looking after Covid cases and will be ready to help at any time. The hospital has been looking after Covid cases since March last year and over 3000 patients went back home fully cured.
    The Medical Suptd is Col SPS Goraya(Retd)
    Tel NO +918054141697.
    I have been working with this hospital for the last over two years, so please do not hesitate, in case some one is in need of immediate medical care.
    Wishing good health to everyone.
    Capt Amarjit Singh Jaijee


    Thanks OCs.

    Just got a call from Amit to say that his mother has got admitted to a hospital.

    He wishes to convey his heart felt thanks and gratitude to all OCs for their lightening response!

    Best Wishes to all and praying for God’s covering and protection from this pandemic.

    David Deane

  3. Vijay Bhalaik

    Happy to help. I have informed my batch mates in Delhi but seems Vijay has already on the ball. Please let’s us if we can be of assistance.

  4. Ashwani Singh virk

    Dear Amit, Our Delhi Chapter Association President Mr. K. Vijay Singh is also in touch with your father and has spoken to him just now. He is much better and most likely shall be discharged from the hospital today. He also said that your mother too is much better then yesterday but recovery is slow. So, some of the OCs in Delhi are available and shall certainly reach out should an emergency arise. Take care.

  5. Vijay Khurana

    Amit, I have been in touch with your mother, Anita. Your father, Suresh’s papers would seem to indicate that he was on the road to recovery but was admitted to Escorts (Fortis). He is good hands and should be back as good as new. Your mother is the one who need a bit more care and I aware that your sister is doing all to assist.

    Do please remember that we have reached out as OC’s in need which is what we do when matters come to our attention.

    Let me quickly assure you that I will touch base with your mother,again and last contact was about 2 days ago, We are always on standby in the event of any need. There are several of us committed to looking after our friends and their families.



      Vijay Bhai Sahib,

      I got a call from Amit about an hour ago, asking for help to get Plasma for his mother.

      Please could you do the needful with the support of the OCA?

      Thanks and best wishes
      David Deane


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