3 Black Sheep and Me

A fantastic book on legendary School Captain – Hassan Agha (Ibbetson 1947) – who led the school during the dark times of the partition and had to leave BCS due to it. Written by his son, Jason Agha, the book primarily revolves around Hassan’s life and the countless adventures they had as a family, including a devastating tragedy.

A true Cottonian, Hassan showed great fortitude and lived a life with utmost humility and service to others. A very good and emotionally moving read! BCS is mentioned more than a few times, including some photos from school days! The book is available on Amazon

– Abhilekh Singh Virdi

2 thoughts on “3 Black Sheep and Me

  1. Gurpratap Singh Sahi : Class of 1956

    Yes, Hassan Agha was ( and is ) a legendary figure of our Great School. He was spoken of with love and respect by ( among others ) by my Housemaster then, Mr F.M.Brown ; Freddie Brown was Housemaster of Curzon when Agha was School Captain in 1947. In those days, that is early fifties, the Partition days were not much behind us.

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