Postponement of the Annual lunch of OCA (India)

Dear OC,

I am writing to inform you that due to the unprecedented times which we find ourselves passing through and on account of the restrictions laid down by the Government of India in regard to Covid 19, the President and the Executive Committee of OCA India after extensive deliberations have decided to postpone the Annual OCA India lunch which is traditionally conducted in Delhi on the second Sunday of February, to a more favorable date.

As and when the decision is taken on a fresh date, the same would be informed to all.


Ajay Thiara
Secretary, OCA (India)

2 thoughts on “Postponement of the Annual lunch of OCA (India)

  1. Anil Advani

    In full agreement with you Prem. Maintain the social distancing protocol and carry on with the get-together 👍🏼

  2. Prithvi Raj Prem

    Why postpone the lunch ? All over political rallies are being held, farmers are protesting in lakhs and in Delhi COVID is down big time !
    I am sure with the right precautions our traditional lunch can be held ! Postponement is not the answer life has to go on ! We need to adhere to the new normal and not shy away, we need to get back the cottonian way !!!

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