Regret to inform that Minnie – Mohinderjit Singh – passed on

Dear All,

It is with deep regret I write to inform you that Mohinderjit Singh, Lefroy, 1949-1957 passed away this morning. Fondly known as Minnie (or Minijit Singh) by all, he was the second eldest in a family of  four brothers, the others being Ravijit, Daljit (Chikoo) and Inderjit (Badal). Their only sister, Amber, possessed the good looks that this family inherited. An attractive and personable looking family, they were fond of the outdoors, exceptionally athletic and spirited. All these four brothers and their sister were close to each other and lively folks leaving their mark wherever they went.

Mohinderjit Singh (Minnie).

Minnie was in School an excellent athlete, short distance sprints, formidable boxer and soccer player. He left a mark and was a redoubtable opponent. These attributes served him well while he was involved in the family stone quarry business located out of Barauli. I am informed that most of the red sandstone in and around Delhi emerged from their quarries. He was based in Bangkok for several years representing the family business interests with flair and considerable success.

Minnie suffered from a severe lung infection, not connected to Covid, which resulted in hospitalisation some weeks ago. It is most unfortunate but he did not recover and sadly passed away today. Our deepest condolences to the family.


Vijay [Khurana]

11 thoughts on “Regret to inform that Minnie – Mohinderjit Singh – passed on

  1. Badal

    My sincere gratitude to all for your Condolences and love
    On the occasion of my Brothers Passing on 🙏
    God bless you All ,
    Badal .

  2. Kanwaljit Singh Sidhu

    Very Sad.. He Was A Great Senior To Be Proud Of , Though Much Much Senior , He Was With My Uncles All Leforians , I Had A Very Good Association With Him On Social Media And Met At OC Meets .. My Heartfelt Condolences To The Family.. May God Bless All Family He Has Left Behind And Give Them Strength To Bear The Loss .. My Family Joins Me In Prayers For His Soul RIP 🙏💐❤️🙏
    @ Sir Badal Singh , Please Take Care And Stay Strong , Just A Call Away If I Can Be Of Any Help 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Deepak Kumar Thakur

    Deepest condolences Badal & all the family on the passing away of Minnie Singh, may his soul rest in eternal peace.

  4. Akers N.K.

    Saddened to hear of Minnie jit Singh’s passing.
    Though did not know him personally but school and especially Lefroy folklore spoke of him and the brothers as much liked and colourful characters.
    Sincere condolences to Badal and all the family.
    RIP Minnie jit Singh

  5. Samrath Dhanjal

    Its so sad to hear about Minnie. Shocking to hear all those OCA’s leaving us. Sad to hear about T.S. Sawhney. My deep condolences tonthe family. RIP. condolences to Inheritance Badal.

  6. Amarjit Singh Jaijee

    Sorry to hear the sad passing away of Minijit and Trivikam Singh. Both had been with me in School. Ravijit, too, who had passed away many years ago was with me. We had together started school from the prep school in chotta Simla. My condolences to both the families.
    ( I-1947-1957)

  7. Dr. Santokh Singh

    Minnie was my class mate & Lefroy House prefect in 1957.
    At the last OC Lunch in Delhi, I asked both his brothers, a Badam & Chico, about him, & from their response it appeared that Minnie wasn’t keeping too well. Little did I realise that he would leave us so soon.
    My heartfelt condolences to the family.
    May the Almighty grant eternal peace to the noble soul of my dear friend Minnie.
    Dr. Santokh Singh

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