OCs Col Dhaliwal and Col. Wendy Dewan at BCS

OCs Col Podge Dhaliwal and Col. Wendy Dewan

Col. ‘Podge‘ Dhaliwal visits BCS after 60 years – seen with Col. ‘Wendy’ Dewan – on the First Flat. 5th November 2020.

3 thoughts on “OCs Col Dhaliwal and Col. Wendy Dewan at BCS

  1. Gurdeep Singh

    Col. “Podgy” Sukhjit Singh Dhailwal joined BCS around 1948/49, was like me in Lefroy. We both did Senior Cambridge in 1960. Unlike me Podgy was a great Sportsman and was in the school 1st Eleven in hockey, Cricket and Football. A good friend as well-I knew him since 1953 when I joined in Headmasters House.He went on to join the NDA, IMA and was commissioned into the Armoured Corps.
    Wendy Dewan was an institution during his schooling in BCS, as Bursar post his retirement from the Army and thereafter for many years as the Hony secy of the OCA. A Rivazian, he was House Captain when he passed Sc in 1955/56. I recollect him as a truly outstanding sportsman – he won School Colours in every sport and even bashed the daylights out of the poor Sanawarian who was paired against him in Boxing. After school he did NDA, IMA and was commissioned into 16th Cav
    .I was much too junior to know him when he was in school, but got to know him when he was Secy of the OCA – settled in Mashobra, they have a lovely home there.

    1. Inderjit Chadda

      Hello Gurdeep
      Wendy Dewan was my classmate — and close friend even now!! — and both of us passed our SC exams in 1954 and not 1955/56.
      Kind regards
      Inderjit Chadda
      L 1948 – 1954

  2. Vijay Khurana

    Lovely picture. Can some one fill more details about the persons in that picture. It would be nice to know more about them, profession, achievements and what vintage. Thanks

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