Nostalgia / BCS 1930 School Party train

We came across a picture at the OCA [Delhi] Chapter facebook page of the BCS School-party leaving Simla station for the “plains” – a photo from 1930. The photo is from the Estate of Canon Peacey,  sent by Mr. Barry Williamson to Raaja Bhasin and subsequently to Ashwani Virk who is the VP of OCA Delhi Chapter.
Here it is
J.R. PEACEY (1896-1971) was born in Hove, Sussex, England, the youngest of 10 children.

He graduated from Selwyn College, Cambridge, in 1921 with honors in Theology.

The third and current version of our School Song as written in 1930 by Jack Hammond, the English teacher and Canon Peacey, the Headmaster; Lawrence Crosthwaite’s talents were utilised in putting the words to music. Here is a link to the school song

6 thoughts on “Nostalgia / BCS 1930 School Party train

  1. John McLaughlin ( I 41-48 )

    One of my highlights of the year was the trip from Shimla to Madras and back, three nights on the train. One trip I even got to ride in the engine, between stations, some where between Madras and Nagpur. We always had a half day in Delhi, arriving in the morning and not leaving till late in the afternoon. Pleasant memories.
    Johnny McLaughlin

  2. Jagat Aulakh

    Nostalgia is wonderful. An innocent pleasure. It becomes so important as we become older and lose family and friends. Those early years at BCS were just so amazing.

  3. Satinder Singh

    My memory of Shimla Station is that it is on a curve, from Kalka direction it veers to the left. The photo shows a straight line. Someone please enlighten me, thanks.


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