We bid farewell sadly to Peter Stringer / Lefroy 1943-47

Peter Arthur Stringer
18 February 1933 – 10 August 2020.

It is with the greatest sadness that I write to tell you that Peter Stringer died peacefully in hospital early on Monday 10th August. > We pass our deepest sympathies and condolences to all his family and pray for their strength and fortitude in these coming days. We shall miss him terribly.

I really only got to know Peter after coming back to England, though we feature in a photograph of the BCS Choir alongside each other – he is the one with the bow tie askew!

Peter was the beating heart of OCA(UK) during his more than 25 years as Hon. Secretary. His dedication was complete, and Maggie was by his side in support, always.  OCs came from all over the world to call on him, or to stay with him and Maggie when visiting England. They had an Open House for all OC s.  The highlight, prior to the Annual OCA(UK) Lunch in London on the last Saturday in June, was Peter and Maggie’s Lunch, held in their beautiful garden. Now, a treasured memory.
Peter was loved and knew so many OCs and could recount names and incidents across the large spectrum of life and times in BCS and if you wanted to know of or about BCS, or anyone from there, you could always turn to him for an answer.

Peter was also a consummate water colour artist, with beautiful paintings of birds and animals, which he sent out with his Christmas cards. An Exhibition of his work would be a joy to see.

This a cruel loss for his family and for OCs  around the world. But a man is not the Association. It is his work, dedication and enthusiasm, which he leaves behind as his legacy for all Old Cottonians – marked by the motto of the Founder of  BCS, Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton – Overcome Evil with Good.

Allan Gay Niblett

6 thoughts on “We bid farewell sadly to Peter Stringer / Lefroy 1943-47

  1. kamal behal, ibbetson 58-67

    i will always remember peter as the heart and soul of oca-uk.Under his guidance and enthusiastic support of anything to do with bishop cotton and ocs ensured the flourishing organisation it is today. Deeply saddened .I shall miss him.My condolences to margaret and his famliy.Rest in peace .

  2. Inderjit Chadda

    I had the great privilege of meeting Peter at the sesquicentennial in 2009 and found him a very sincere, warm and genuine human being; truly very fond of our wonderful B.C.S.
    I would like to send Maggie and the family my sincere condolences. May his soul rest in peace and may God give the family courage and fortitude to bear their tragic loss.

  3. N.K.Akers

    Deeply saddened by the news.Met him at the150th. The enthusiasm with which he spoke about school made one relive personal memories of those wonderful days. He was so genuinely fond of BCS. Rest in Peace admired and respected Cottonian- Peter Stringer.

  4. Vivek Bhasin

    Peter Stringer Esq
    Grand Old Cottonian

    Dear Peter Sahib,

    I have just received some very astounding and heartfelt news that you have moved into your very special garden🙏

    From time gone by I remember my first real contact with you was around 25 years ago when I was based in Costa Rica. My travel home to Sweden many a times had my flights in transit through London Heathrow and it was then i connected with you with an occasional phone call but many more letters.

    In 1999 when I was transferred to London from San Jose my first real contact with the OCA ( UK ) chapter was through you. It was your good self who recommended Weybridge as my residence, it was you who became a genuine OC LIFELINE for me and it was you who coaxed me to visit you at Whyteleafe Croydon and make physical contact with “ Maggie” Margaret and your good self. During those 13 years in the UK, you helped me every step of the way, even refurbishing my flat with your expertise.

    You became a true friend and as you too told me, the friends you made at BCS were your real and true buddies. The memorabilia of BCS, your photo albums of your Indiaaah (!) visits and your great love for School and SIMLA knows no bounds. Maggie and you have always kept your home and hearts open for Cottonians and you never once hesitated to help the younger lot who arrived in the UK for higher studies. To show them the way..

    It goes on record that you have never missed the OCA ( UK) Annual Luncheon and never will.

    I can write reams on your goodness, your genuineness, your generosity, your love for BCS and the many times we had a great blast Sir. But I must once again drive the strongest point home…. you are amongst all of us a solid pillar and a never ending die hard Cottonian.

    You are there with all of us, your family, with BCS and amongst the peaks of the great Himalaya. Your guiding light is shining brightly. It will shine continuously, never to be extinguished.

    I am always indebted to you.
    Peter Stringer: BCS’s proud son.

    My Warmest Wishes and Kindest Regards, always

    Vivek Bhasin
    Lefroy House

  5. vijay Bhalaik

    Peter would be dearly missed. He was the backbone of OCA UK. I can remember his ever smiling face every year at the annual luncheon. We would discuss our common love for the school and exchange our stories of our time in BCS. He would inform us of all the news with OC’s all over the world. I would look out for the OCA news letter he edited for many years. He was a wonderful and a Cottonian to the core. He deeply cared for the school. Rest in peace my friend. Please convey my condolence to Margaret and the family.

    Vijay Bhalaik
    Rivaz 76-86


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