Rohit Sachdeva

We are deeply saddened on the untimely passing away of Old Cottonian Rohit Sachdeva  [Curzon Batch 2003] on 19th July.

Our condolences to Mr Sachdeva’s family.


23rd July 2020 message from Mr. Mustafi added:

For The Late Rohit Sachdeva (C/ ’03)
Today, 23rd July, is about 6 weeks from that last exchange of messaging between Rohit and us. He passed away on Sunday, 19th July at home …. erratic bp from a chronic heart condition for which he had been operated upon as a boy in school….leaving behind a young wife and their year and a half old daughter and his younger twin brothers, Rishab and Rishi, both OCs.

Yesterday was his antim ardaas.

Harmanpreet Walia arranged a Zoom collective and there must have been almost the whole batch present on Zoom as well as those who were able to attend in person.

In God we trust. With thanks for Rohit’s life among us as friends and brothers, husband and father.

Kabir Mustafi [Ex Headmaster BCS, 1994-2004]

3 thoughts on “Rohit Sachdeva

  1. Vijay Khurana

    “Like a shooting star,
    Flying across the room,
    So fast so far,
    You were gone too soon”

    Rest in Peace, Dear Soul.

    Would be grateful if some one from his peer group would write and inform us more about this life. We would love to know more about him while we remember him. My thanks

  2. Ashwani Kumar Chatly

    So sad to know of someone leaving at such a young age.My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

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