We mourn the loss of 2 Senior OCs

Our deepest Condolences to the bereaved families.

  • Virender Kumar Aggarwal (“Toti”) Lefroy 1954 batch,  passed away on 17 Jun 2020, at Escorts Hospital New Delhi where he was undergoing treatment for COVID-19.
  • HARISH TREHAN House Captain, Ibbetson House, Batch of 1968, lost to cancer 19th June 2020.

18 thoughts on “We mourn the loss of 2 Senior OCs

  1. Deep C Anand

    I am deeply grieved to know the passing of Varinder K. Aggarwal (Sr. Toti)
    who was in BCS during my time. I recall him as an outstanding sportsperson
    and academic. His business sense was indeed great when he worked with
    edgy fashion house in Connaught Place. I recall the family was living near
    Clarks Hotel in Shimla. Toti had a great deal of charm and in true sense a
    Cottonian whenever he represented India during his overseas visits.

    I remember his wife a Sanawarian and also a charming lady.

    I and my wife Kiran send our condolences to the family. Toti will always be
    remembered by his fellow Cottonians.

    Deep C. Anand
    President Emeritus, OCA

  2. Ravi Batra

    On getting the sad news of the passing away of Toti Agarwal, my mind goes back to 1952 when I came with the Colts Table Tennis team from Sanawar to play against BCS. Soon thereafter I shifted to BCS and did my senior cambridge in 1955.The score was tied at 2 all when Toti and I played for the decider. He won the first and I the second. In the final game he raced to an almost unassailable lead 19/14. and then the impossible happened. Somehow I managed to win seven points in a row and Sanawar won.

    I met Toti several times over the last seven decades, usually at the OCs get together. Each time he remembers and says wistfully “I should have won that game
    He was a gentle soul and a thorough gentleman.

    Good bye my friend, RIP
    Ravi Batra [ C- 1955]

  3. suresh sethi

    Like they say in Hindi–Yaar, yeh saal bara manhoos hai.
    What can I say about my ” Langotiya yaar”-Lala ( Harish Trehan). Our association goes back to 1961. Lala was the batch mate of my Late younger brother Mukesh and his elder brother-Guri was the batch mate of my elder brother NK. We were all Ibbetsonians. It was only in 1971 when I moved to Delhi looking for a job that our association really began it was to go on for fifty years. You see Lala use to stay in South Patel Nagar and I had taken residence right across the pusa road in West Patel Nagar. From the roof my house you could see his house. And just down the road from my house lived the Sood brothers–the eldest Sudhir was my batch mate. Every day we would meet at their house and gup-chap for hours. I still remember Donkey sood and Lala going all over the place on a mobike. Lala was not married then and very frequently he would take the keys of my house before I left for office to meet his girl friend and future wife Pooni. Oh what a time we use to have going to Sweety Bawa’s house for parties! Later on when he settled down I and my wife would walk over to his house and we would be chatting on the terrace of his house for hours on end on winter mornings . His mother use to treat us like her own children, The great advantage of talking with a OC is that you can really let of all your steam. I am one of the very few OCS’ who has attended the marriages of all his family. I can still remember very vividly the marriage of Lala and Pooni. First his batch mate Sati passed away, then Donkey sood, then Mukesh, then Mountain and now Lala.
    “Bari Udaas hai Zindgahi, koi saathi chaiaya..”
    Yaaro yeh saal bara manhoos hai

    God please forgive us for our sins and bring happy days once again

    Suresh Sethi
    I 1961-66

  4. suresh sethi

    When the editor of this journal invited me to contribute some writings little did I realize then that I would soon be writing obituaries! Yes, I remember “Toti”. I think he was in my elder brother’s batch and he was a good athlete. I remember very vividly still his long jump in the finals. Though I did not know him much personally but very often I would hear about his generous contributions to the OCA fund for special activities. That is what a being a Cottonian is all about: to be goodhearted and look after friends. I am sure he will be resting in the lap of Almighty God.

    Suresh Sethi

  5. Dinesh Sud

    Harish a perfect gentleman.. It’s a great loss.. RIP dear and bestbest wisheswishes and strength to the family to bear this loss.

  6. Behram Irani

    It was with great sadness that I learnt about the death of my dear friend ‘Toti, who was my class mate (batch of 54) and my doubles partner in Table Tennis. We were the number one doubles team and were part of the team that beat Sanawar in the inter school competition. I was always in touch with Toti on Whats app (even though I lived far away in Switzerland), and was sad as in the last few months he deteriorated fast and could hardly talk without much difficulty. I was also in touch with his Grand daughter Karishma who called me soon after he passed away. His younger brother Nini also called later as he knew how close we were. May Totis’ SOUL REST IN PEACE.
    Behram Irani
    Class of 54

  7. kamal behal

    shocked and deeply saddened to read of harish passing away. One year my junior ,an ibbetsonian and a dear friend. Will miss you. araest in peace.

  8. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf of Peter Stringer:
    Already burdened with sadness TWO more Old Cottonians leave the fraternal fold
    We send our condolences for families to mourn their loss with the deepest sympathy
    I remember VK Aggarwal (Tot-ah) clearly remembering him when accompanying late Chairman Dick Bayliss to India 1992.
    Late OCA India Secretary SM Jain & VK escorted us to a Chinese dinner at a Delhi Hotel spending hours enjoyable school stories
    Unfortunately, Harish Trehan batch of 68 years after I left school but not forgotten.

    My thoughts now dwell on the beautiful ode TAKE ME by Himar Arjun Singh
    As I ponder my own mortality, trying not to be too morose about my demise
    I have requested my family to surrender my ashes to be sent and scattered around Consol Rock (if allowed).

    Take me to the mountains for I am burdened since long with suffering life searching for truth and reality….
    The years that have gone by smile back and mock at me ….
    Take me…
    Take me to the mountains; the towering heights of which may remind me of those forgotten years of kindness and serenity….
    Have I lived a worthy life is not for me to judge,
    Take me…
    Take me to the mountain in the form of ashes and dust for that’s where I began and that’s where I would like to finally rest silently…

    Thank you Himar Arjun (if I can borrow your reflective thoughts)
    Peter Stringer Lefroy 1943-47

  9. Deepak Kumar Thakur 1973 Rivaz 356

    Very sad to hear the news of passing on of two Seniors, Toti & Lala. I was not in School when Toti Sir passed out but do remember Lala very well. Huge loss to all of us who knew them & of course to their families. May they both rest in eternal peace. May their families be blessed with courage to bear the loss.

  10. Captain Vivek Bhasin

    Harish Trehan, Ibbetson, the coolest swagger as he walked talked laughed joked and gave me positive vibes… I shall always remember him in the present tense.. never in the past…

    Toti ( Agarwal ) Sir, omnipresent – my Lefroyan- My Senior …Funny – Serious – Seriously Funny – Wonderful Human Being Sir you are🙏🙏

  11. Nitin Singh Thakur

    Very Unfortunate and Sad news … Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families..

  12. Ashwani Nanda

    Harish Trehan (Lala) my first cousin & a huge support to me when I joined the school in 1964.. It’s absolutely shattering to remember him in the past tense.. Lala was truly a people’s person whose house in Delhi was like an open house for all Cottonians some of whom literally lived there for months.. In school he rose to be a leader who distinguished himself in many ways.. A wonderful Ibbetson House Captain.. Cricket Captain, a fabulous Hockey & Soccer Goal Keeper.. A Full School Blazer Holder for Games & Sports & Member of the Distinguished Spartan Club..

    Lala you will be missed by many of your generation at BCS.. But you will always remain my true hero who guided & inspired me as an exemplary older brother..

    Rest in Peace Bro.. Your spirit lives on..

    Ashwani Nanda
    Ibbetson – 1974

  13. K.Vijay Singh

    Harish (fondly called Lala) was a dear friend.Always there to greet you with the choisest abuses with love and affection.Going to miss you buddy.

  14. Ashwani Kumar Chatly

    Sad to have lost two more of our torch bearers in quick succession.May their soul rest in peace.

  15. Preet Uberoi

    Oh my God!! Harish too??!!he was my House Captain and always looked after us chutkus…
    I spoke with him last month and when I introduced myself to him,I was delighted that he recognized me..
    I pray to the Lord Almight to rest all the seniors who are not with us ,peacefully.

  16. Sunil Mehta

    Harish Trehan was a year junior to me and I remember him so well. We had plans to catch up last year when I was in India and I have so many regrets that we never did. Rest In Peace my friend. You always wore that jovial smile and I don’t think I ever saw you frown. Such a tragedy at such a young age. God bless.

  17. Inderjit Chadda

    Virender Aggarwal was not only my classmate but also a personal close friend; the other gentleman, ‘younger’ Harish was not known to me. Please convey my deepest condolences to their remaining loved ones, for whose welfare, too, I’ll say a prayer during this most terrible period…

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