Two Old Cottonians

Sorry to be the messenger of sad news
Two Old Cottonians
My brother John Stringer  (Lefroy 1942-45) taken by COVID19  – Sunday 17 May 2020 we mourned his loss – his funeral was this afternoon at St Richard’s Chapel Surry & Sussex Crematorium .
John was born in Khanai Balochistan (now Pakistan) on 24 July 1929.     Early years studied at Lahore Railway School. While a few years in Karachi we both studied at The Karachi Grammar School.  My Mother received a letter of commendation from the Governor of Sindh expressing thanks & to be proud of her son Johnathan who he had watched fighting like a tiger in the boxing ring and sing like a divine cherub in the choir at his daughter’s wedding. John was a member of the outstanding boxing team at Bishop Cotton School Simla. After leaving school he took an apprenticeship in airconditioning in Lahore moved with family to Bihar and carried on to Calcutta starting his Air/con business – Migrated to England with his wife & three children.    Years later he moved & lived in Antiga & Spain returned to the UK after the death of his second wife & resided in Caterham Surrey.
My very dear friend Arthur Jones (L 1942-49) passed away at around 2:pm this afternoon 11 June 2020 very peacefully in Waterbeach Cambridge – his daughter Julie informed me.
Sadly for me, two lights dimmed out of my life.  I shall miss them both dearly am overcome with sorrow but will leave you a poem brother John from about the age of 13 or 14 would recite for me. 
Peter Stringer  (Lefroy1943-47)

O call my brother back to me

By  Felicia Hemans

O, call my brother back to me,
I cannot play alone;
The Summer comes with flower and bee,
Where is my brother gone – ?

“The flowers run wild, the flowers we sowed,
Around our garden tree;
Or vine is drooping with its load,
O, call him back to me.”

“He would not hear thy voice, fair child,
He may not come to thee,
His face that once like Summer smiled
On earth no more thou’t see.

“A rose’s brief, bright life of joy,
Such unto him was given;
Go, thou must play alone, my boy;
Thy brother is in Heaven.”

“And has he left his birds and flowers?
And must I call in vain?
And through the long, long Summer hours,
Will he not come again?”

“And by the brook, and in the glade,
Are all our wanderings o’er?
O, while my brother with me played
Would I had loved him more!”

14 thoughts on “Two Old Cottonians

  1. Sunil Mehta

    It is always difficult to read about the passing away of the “old guard”. They leave behind traditions that we adopted and carry forward in our lives. My deepest condolences, Peter, on the loss of your brother John and your comrade Arthur. The light in Chipu’s tuck shop slowly dims.

  2. Deepak Kumar Thakur 1973 Rivaz 356

    Sad to hear about the passing of John & Arthur. May they rest in eternal peace. Deepest condolences to their families & prayers for courage to bear the loss. Recently, another OC, H.S. (Sweety) Bawa passed away. May he also rest in eternal peace and deepest condolences to his family, too.

  3. Ranbir Singh Brar

    Saddened to hear of the passing away of two stalwarts of the BCS folklore. Deepest condolences to the bereaved families. May their souls rest in peace.

  4. Kanwarjit Grewal

    My condolences Peter.

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your brother John and your dear friend Arthur.

    Partap Grewal
    Curzon 1953-1963

  5. Vijay Khurana

    Deep sympathies and our condolences.

    I spoke to my cousin Late Cdr A C Chopra’s wife, Ramloo and informed her of the passing away of these two gentlemen. My cousin, Avinash, was a contemporary and friend of both Arthur and John. Avinash was also a prominent member of the School boxing team during that time.

    My sister in law, Ramloo, sends her wishes as well and has requested me to offer her condolences.

    May they rest in peace and Patina will miss them.

  6. admin Post author

    Posted on Behalf:

    We were so sorry to hear Arthur and John have passed away.
    Or thoughts are with their families.

    We remember Arthur fondly, also his late wife Shirley.
    Please send our condolences to Peter and Arthur’s family.
    Thank you.
    Carol and David Browning.

  7. Vivek C

    Dearest Peter Sahib,

    I was very sorry to learn your brother’s passing the last time we spoke …
    Arthur Jones passing yesterday is yet again a deep and heartfelt loss; he was your Best Chum in all exploits and I really enjoyed all our meetings at the OCA UK meetings reunions and more.
    Memories are real ..
    Memories are all we have to give us strength..


    With Sincere Affection.
    Vivek Bhasin

  8. Jacqui Stringer

    Thank you Uncle for writing this & for everyone s condolences @ the loss of my Darling Dad!! X Jacqui Stringer (John s youngest Daughter)

  9. Ashwani Kumar Chatly

    It really is sad to loose someone so close and dear.Pl accept my condolences.May their soul rest in peace.

  10. Anil Advani

    My condolences Peter.
    Sorry to hear about the loss of your brother John and your dear friend Arthur.

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