Message from Mr. Deep C. Anand

I am deeply grieved to know the passing of Varinder K. Aggarwal (Sr. Toti)

who was in BCS during my time.  I recall him as an outstanding sportsperson

and academic.  His business sense was indeed great when he worked with

edgy fashion house in Connaught Place.  I recall the family was living near

Clarks Hotel in Shimla.  Toti had a great deal of charm and in true sense a

Cottonian whenever he represented India during his overseas visits.

I remember his wife a Sanawarian and also a charming lady.

I and my wife Kiran send our condolences to the family.  Toti will always be

remembered by his fellow Cottonians.

Deep C. Anand

President Emeritus, OCA

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  1. Hemendra Raghi Anand

    I am deeply saddened to hear about Vinny’s passing. It came as a shock to me and have been in disbelief. Vinny was my mentor. He groomed me towards my future career especially in apparel. He treated me as a close family member. I will miss him tremendously.

    God Bless


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