Contribution by OCA-India to give relief to Covid 19 victims

Greetings from OCA-India.
I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that with the support of the OC’s mentioned below, the OCA-India has collected a little more then 5 Lacs as contribution towards assisting the Chairman of the Board of Governors of Bishop Cotton School to provide relief to the victims of Covid 19.
The list of donors is as follows:
1.Mr.D C Anand-1,00,000/-
2.Mr.Anil Kumar Mehra-20000/-
3.Mr.K C Anand-50,000/-
4.Mr.D S Jaaj-20,000/-
5.Justice S S Saron-20,000/-
6.Mr.Narinder Yadav-5000/-
7.Brig.H S Nagra-20,000/-
8.Mr.Jaspal Sawhney-20,000/-
9.Mr.Rahul Aggarwal-20,000/-
10.Mr.Praveen Dharma-10000/-
11.A dedicated OC-2,00,000/-
12.A dedicated OC-25,000/-
Thank you all for your support.
Warm Regards,
Davinder Singh Jaaj