My days at BCS By Nitish Grover

In response to your mail I am giving below a link to something I wrote on Linkedin regarding my days at BCS. I joined BCS in 1966 in class one and left in 1971 at the end of class VI after which I studied at Frank Anthony , New Delhi where I passed my ISC in 1976. Professionally I am a practicing Chartered Accountant and Registered Valuer for Securities/Financial Assets based in Secunderabad/Hyderabad Telangana. I write regularly on linkedin and invite all OC”S to read my posts. I would love to be in touch with other Old Cottonians.

I read the linked post today in my mailbox. It reminded me of my school days at BCS and how different they are from the world today. There were no great medical emergencies in those days and the world was carefree. Would love to have that world back without the jargon of derivatives, options and all other contraptions of financial engineering and those new fangled gadgets like the cellphone and the ipad. I dont know how many would agree with me but that era is like shangrila to me