Batch of ‘04 – from Raghav Kumar

Hi Folks,

Hope you doing well!

This would be my 1st mail to you. It’s been 16 years since my batch and I, have passed out of school and life has taken us to various places.

My batch created a small whatsapp  group, so that we can all be in touch. This year has been hard for most of us. Some of my friends lost their jobs, while others were sitting at home getting low pay or no pay.

Since, most of my batchmates were undergoing stress, Amos (Ibbetson), Parmeet (Curzon) and I, took an initiative of asking my schoolmates about their best memories at school and how life been after school.

We were lucky enough to get some responses, I am assertive that we would get more responses of my batchmates and uplift their confidence.

I thought of sharing some clips of them, for people who chose to send their clips.
I hope that you would like the glimpse of these nostalgic videos.

Raghav Kumar
Lefroy House
Batch of 2004
Bishop Cotton School
The videos should appear below, but if these do not then you can use the Links :

Video_1 Video_2 Video Video_3

2 thoughts on “Batch of ‘04 – from Raghav Kumar

  1. Vijay Khurana

    Absolutely lovely. Wish we could get more of them.
    It would be nice if you can connect with your entire class and write a para about each one of them.
    Always nice to know what your friends are doing and then for the benefit of the OCs at large.
    We have a whole list of achievers and it would be nice to know where they are and how they got there !!

    1. Raghav Kumar

      Thanks Vijay for the warm response! I am hopeful, we get more insights and keep you all posted.

      Thanks again!

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