Many happy returns of the day Mr. Goss!

Mr. Ronald Goss is 91 today, and we wish him a very happy birthday!

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  1. Deepak Thakur 356 Rivaz 1964-73.

    Sir, this is to wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. Greetings to Mrs. Goss and your family. May you all be well and happy. All the best in the year ahead. With warmest regards, Deepak Thakur, Rivaz, 1964-73.

  2. Akers N.K.

    Very happy birthday Sir . Many more happy ones ahead. All good wishes to to you,Mrs.Goss and your family. Stay well and safe.God bless.

  3. Gurrinder Khanna

    I’d like to add my two bits and wish Mr Goss all the best now and always.

    Not so much memories of him, but I do have very vivid and fond memories of Mrs Goss who was the motherly matron of Linlithgow when I, as a 5 year old runt was handed over to her care by my father. For the two ears in that dorm, she was everything rolled into one. A lovely lady!.

    Should they not be on the OCA portal, would anyone please convey my fond and sincere wishes to Mrs Goss.

  4. Vijay Khurana

    Dear All,

    i called and spoke to Mr & Mrs Goss last evening. My purpose was to wish Mr Goss on the occasion of his 91st birthday.

    In all these years Mr Goss’s voice has hardly changed. That firmness in his tone and, importantly, the clarity of thought were obvious. He is fine fettle and remembers boys from his days at Sherwood. Mr B R Roberts also came to us from Sherwood, if you recall.

    Mr Goss is still in touch with an old friend from the age of 6 who retired from the IAS. So, his connections with India remain strong as ever.

    Mrs Goss, who was slightly under the weather, is not a person you can ignore. She has always been the extrovert and was as exuberant as ever. She quickly entered the conversation and felt pretty cooped up in this isolation caused by the Coronavirus. “I miss my gin and tonic, going out to meet my friends and enjoying myself. This isolation is boring though my husband does go for his walks in the area where we live,” I was informed.

    Mrs Goss recalled their visit to BCS in 1970 when they met a lot of the old timers. At the end of their visit, the boys lined up along the driveway to bid them farewell and that brought emotional tears to their eyes. Kesar Singh “Chipu” handed them a gift of mithai, always special, that proved utterly good and useful. On their way down out of Simla, their progress was halted since a landslide had blocked their passage down to the plains. They spent the night in the taxi and fortunately, Chipu’s mithai was the dinner they served their children. You do not count calories on such occasions!!

    Mr Goss informed me that he had spoken to Mr DasGupta about a year ago. Mr DasGupta’s health has been steadily going downhill after his wife passed away. He also suffered an accident which left him somewhat immobilised. I have tried to speak with Mr DasGupta but find that no one responds to his phone. Will try again.

    So, I am happy to report that on his 91st birthday, Mr & Mrs Goss are doing well surrounded by their children and several grand children. The Goss Family has done exceptionally well and I am requesting them to give us more details of their journey over these long years.

    To a lot of us they were the dedicated family that taught us the earliest lessons in life. I am always grateful for the dedication and their commitment because it was unique. They gave of themselves unconditionally as did our parents. Thank you.

    We wish them good health and many more years of happiness, laughter and all the best that this life has to offer.

    Greetings to all while you Stay Safe and Stay Healthy



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