Cottonians & BCS do not need to benchmark themselves –

Cottonians & BCS do not need to benchmark themselves against any other School..
The pillars of success bow in obeisance to Nakul Anand Veteran Hotelier of the global ITC Hotels..

These pillars are humility, dedication, hard work and the spirit and soul of Bishop Cotton School Simla.  Keep on walking Nakul.
Every Best Wish

Vivek Bhasin
Lefroy 1961-1970

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    On behalf of Peter Stringer :
    Covid19 Lockdown at home in Whyteleafe Surrey I read the newspaper cutting on Nakul Anand – Hotelier winning high Cooperate awards – shabash!
    However, at one time after leaving BCS, he graduated in economics at Delhi University and the career lessons he took away from his days as a DJ spinning discs in Regal Buildings at Connaught Place New Delhi –
    Suddenly rings a bell for me before his time. While I was working for an American Company 1952-56 drilling water-wells for the Indian Government rural areas, my accumulated leave breaks I spent in Delhi and regularly visited the circuit of Night Clubs – Standards was on the first floor Regal Buildings and to one side the very popular Gay Lords always hosted South American bands.
    Does take an old swinger back to hectic happy times.
    Recalling I was too young to attend the Tea-dances when senior girls from Auckland House visited the Irwin Hall to dance with our seniors under the supervision of their teachers and our masters.
    Attachments from a fading album
    With fraternal wishes to Nakul Anand keep going
    Peter A Stringer Lefroy1943-47

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