Wishing all well [COVID-19 pandemic]

The Old Cottonians Association wishes everyone well and we do hope you and your families are safe.

The long silence and lack of recent newsletters from the OCA is simply because we have not had any “Cottonian-worthy” news recently.

We have reached out to a few of our regular writers, asking them to please pen a few paragraphs. We hope to bring you some new writings as soon as we can.

Do write in, we’d love to keep hearing from all OCs!

Meanwhile, a BCS student, Shivij Grover, of Class-X [wasn’t that called SHELL?] had won 2nd prize in an art competition organized by Bharat Academy of Fine Arts Ambala for his work titled ‘Covid 19’  reproduced here from the BCS Facebook page / BCS Website.

Congratulations to Shivij Grover, Class X, who has painted this emotive picture ‘Covid 19’. The painting has won second prize in a competition organised by the Bharat Academy of Fine Arts, Ambala, to highlight the challenges faced by our country.

2 thoughts on “Wishing all well [COVID-19 pandemic]

  1. Mohnish Kapur

    Hi Editor,

    Class 8th = Fourth Form
    Class 9th = Shell or shellite
    Class 10th = Fifth Form
    Class 11th = Lover Sixth
    Class 12th = Upper Sixth

    Mohnish Kapur
    Rivaz of 2002 Batch

    Thank you,
    Mohnish Kapur
    Director Operations
    (626) 991-1766 (cell)

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