Rainbow over BCS

An incredibly beautiful photograph of BCS with a full arch Rainbow was sent to us today 27th April 2020, Mr. Aseem Kukreti [BCS Economics Teacher] is the photographer of this image. Thank you sir!

6 thoughts on “Rainbow over BCS

  1. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf of Peter Stringer:
    THANK YOU Mr. Aseem Kukreti for the superb photograph Rainbow over BCS
    You have captured in a moment for every Cottonian cherished memories of our Alma Mater
    A warm embrace from Nature lifting our spirits to Overcome the evil of covid19
    We wish you every success in teaching – stay safe keep well

    Peter Stringer Lefroy 1943-47

  2. Inderjit Chadda

    Beautiful photo…our school building never looked more attractive!! Thank you Mr Kukreti!
    Kind regards.

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