Manoj Advani [Batch 1976] no more

We have received sad news that Manoj Advani [Lefroy 1976] passed on.

No further details yet, but we gather that Manoj lived in Pune.

Our condolences to his family, friends, and batch-mates.

8 thoughts on “Manoj Advani [Batch 1976] no more

  1. Udayan

    1st term ‘76, cricket match on the 2nd flat. Manoj, in his white crisps wearing a sleeveless sweater opening the innings. It’s been almost 45 years, all of a sudden I’m back there again.The April sun burning my back, the Simla (as it was called then) breeze teasing the ends of my shirt. When I close my eyes, I can almost smell school.
    I never met Manoj again after 6th form. As strangers, we met at BCS, those were simpler days, we spent time together, between classes, playing sports, whispering during prep, became friends. Once we passed school, we became strangers again.
    Now memories flood back, of a time long gone, of friendships left to fade in the dust.
    I remember Manoj, wherever he may have gone. Travel safe, go in peace.


      Did not meet him again after we left school, have fond memories of Manoj.
      Rest In Peace

  2. Vijay Khurana, Lefroy 1954-63

    Always the sad event of life. The loss is severe on his family and they have our deepest condolences. It would be nice if we had a direct contact to the family since I am sure some of us would like to speak and condole with them as well. Again, may he rest on peace.

  3. Ashwani Kumar Chatly

    Really sad to know about the loss of another cottonian, and that too at such a young age.Heartfelt condolences to the family.


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