Introduction by Mr. Simon David Weale [MA Oxon] – new Director [HM] of BCS

Dear Ocs, I am forwarding herewith an amended version of introduction sent by Mr. Simon Weale. I am sure you all will enjoy meeting Simon Weale, new Director of Bishop Cotton School on 9th February at OCA lunch in Hauz Khas.Deep C. Anand – OCA President Emeritus

I am writing to introduce myself as the new Director of Bishop Cotton School.

As you may be aware my title is to be Director rather than Headmaster. The Board of Governors of Bishop Cotton School feels this title more accurately reflects the multi-faceted nature of modern school leadership.  I am responsible to the Board of Governors for ensuring that every aspect of the leadership and management of the school is of the highest class.

I was brought up in London where my father was a university lecturer in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College, London. I studied Modern History at Oxford University where I was a contemporary of UK Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and David Cameron as well as Mr Rajdeep Sardesai (who was in the same cricket team as me). I began my teaching career at the Judd School, one of the finest government schools in the UK. I am married with three children. My wife Rebecca will be overseeing admissions at the school, our youngest daughter (aged eight) has come with us to India. We have two other children. Our oldest daughter is a corporate lawyer and our son is studying History at the University of Warwick in England.

In my thirty-year teaching career, I have worked in several of the top independent schools in the UK and I have significant experience of raising academic standards within those schools and helping students to achieve places in world class universities both in the UK and abroad. Those schools all had extensive numbers of international students and they underlined to me how similar young people are and how connected they are with their peers around the world.  The Board of Governors of Bishop Cotton School are determined that we build upon its distinguished reputation as one of the finest schools in India. We must maintain our incredible track record of producing young men who will make a difference to both India and the rest of the world. Under my leadership our ambition for the boys will be evident and we will offer them a range of experiences to help them become productive and successful global citizens.

I am a passionate believer in the holistic and values driven education upon which Bishop Cotton School is built. As well as each boy’s academic progress it is essential that they are tested on the sports field, that they have the chance to be creative and that we provide for their spiritual development. Character is built outside of the classroom as well as inside.  It is proven that students who have strong core values study more effectively and contribute more to the world around them. The Bishop Cotton School boarding community allows each individual to develop into confident and resilient young men. The Christian tradition of the school encourages students to be ever mindful of others especially those less fortunate.

After six years of Headship within the UK at Shebbear College, I am extremely excited at the opportunity of working in modern vibrant India – the largest democracy in the world. I look forward to bringing my skills to bear upon the task ahead and also to learn from the expertise that exists within the school already. One area I am particularly keen to develop is how we prepare our students for university.  We will review our offer so students do not feel they need to leave for ‘coaching’ and we will improve the quality of spoken English so that it is of ‘undergraduate standard’.

A change in school leadership is always unsettling and I am indebted to the support and handover I have received from my predecessor Mr Robinson (and Mrs Robinson) who has been such a tremendous and effective servant of the school.  As such when the boys return to school it will be ‘business as usual’ The rest of the school community has given us a very warm welcome and of course we have already met many distinguished OCAs in Delhi and Chandigarh. Mrs Weale and I are already living in Shimla and look forward to the OCA lunch in Delhi on 9th February.  We welcome your ideas as we plan for the future and will write to you with a simple questionnaire about what we might do to develop the school. Most of all we look forward to sharing another tremendous chapter in the history of this great school with you.

12 thoughts on “Introduction by Mr. Simon David Weale [MA Oxon] – new Director [HM] of BCS

  1. Vijay Khurana, Lefroy 1954-63

    A warm welcome to Mr & Mrs Simon Weale. For those of us who are proud of our association with Bishop Cotton School, as former students, the introduction of any change bodes well for the institution. The new direction that is being brought in with a change in the structure and designation is indicative of a desire to meet the challenges of a new academic environment. It has changed immensely from our times and that is obvious when you have an opportunity to speak with the students of today. On Mr & Mrs Weale’s shoulders rests a huge responsibility and they have our whole hearted support. They have our very best wishes and so many of us will be willing to offer any resource that will enable them to achieve great success. Again, the very best from us all. Cheers!!!

  2. Rajat Mukarji

    Welcome Simon Weale, and congratulations on taking over the leadership of one of India’s finest boy’s public schools. The expectations will be huge, the challenges immense, but the satisfaction supreme. I wish you every success and am certain that you will enjoy this time in school. I look forward to meeting you on Sunday at the OC Lunch.

    Best wishes

    Rajat Mukarji
    I 1960 – 61 and 1967 – 69.

  3. Deep C. Anand

    Dear Ocs,

    I am forwarding herewith an amended version of introduction sent by Simon Weale.

    I am sure you all will enjoy meeting Simon Weale, new Director of Bishop Cotton School on 9th February
    at OCA lunch in Hauz Khas.

    Deep C. Anand
    OCA President Emeritus

  4. Peter Stringer

    Mr. Simon Weale Director BCS

    Dear Sir

    On behalf of OCA(UK) Welcome to the family of dear PATINA.
    We wish you, your wife & family every happiness & success. Under this new Leadership, we pray your good service & exchange with Indian culture meet the expectations the school deserves. Bishop Cotton School has moved through One hundred and sixty-one years with a proud heritage and seeks to remain at the top of educational excellence.
    Your guidance united with all the School and our motto we’ll prevail and overcome.
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    Peter A Stringer (Lefroy 1943-47)

  5. Amarjit Singh Jaijee

    Welcome to Mr Weale as the new Director of BCS. My good wishes to you and your wife any may you have a very successful inning at our school. Will look forward to meeting you once again.
    (Amarjit Singh Jaijee I-1947-57

  6. Ranjit K Bhandari

    A very warm Welcome to Simon Weale and his wife to BCS! I must congratulate the Board of Governors in attracting such a talented person. Good luck and best wishes from all of us in USA.
    Ranjit K. Bhandari
    Rivaz: 1948-1951

  7. Inderjit Chadda

    Very hearty congratulations to you, Mr Weale, on your prestigious appointment as Director of the finest institution in India! Reading your worthy credentials leaves no doubt in my mind that our beloved Alma Mater is in good hands.
    Wish you all success

    Inderjit Chadda
    L 1948 – 1954

  8. Satinder Singh I 1947 to 1956

    Welcome Mr Weale, you clearly have an enviable pedigree.
    I hope you are able to address a couple of issues that may be a measure of your and BCS’s future success. These are, not in any particular order, a) how many scholars are able to get admission to a University of their first choice and how many altogether; b) BCS to assess wether it should continue as a denominational or non denominational school to better serve the students and the country; c) introduction of an ethics program.
    I believe the above issues are timely.

  9. Deepak Kumar Thakur 1973 Rivaz 356

    Best wishes and congratulations on your appointment as Director, BCS, Simla. Warmest regards, Deepak Thakur, Rivaz, 1964-1973.

  10. Nihal Amin

    Nice to hear from you Mr. Weale. Wishing you all the best in taking our Alma Mater to new glorious heights!!!

  11. Tejinder Singh Sodhi

    Congratulations and welcome to Simon Weale on his taking over as Director at BCS, Simla. Wishing him good luck and God speed in his new assignment.
    Teji Sodhi
    I – 1951-57

  12. Ashwani Kumar Chatly

    A big Welcome to this prestigious institution that have shaped the lives of many.
    Was nice to read about your past achievements in your long and illustrious teaching carrier.
    Here’s wishing you all the very best in taking our school to greater heights.
    Ashwani Kumar Chatly.

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