Nostalgia, History / Batch 1957

The above is a chart prepared by the School in early 1958 for the 1957 batch results.
You may put it on the OC News-letter to remind my classmates how brilliant we were!! 😀 Note: all 4 Lefroyans are in the middle coincidentally!

Dr Santokh Singh, Lefroy house captain 1957

3 thoughts on “Nostalgia, History / Batch 1957

  1. Robin Nakai

    I simply love Dilbir Singh in the 25 holding position and a F in religious knowledge!
    I held this position for the 69 batch !
    It’s easy to come 1 but hard to miss 24 steps and be held at 25 !
    Cheers !

  2. Vijay Khurana

    Most members from this class went on to do well in life. Wonder if Dr Santokh Singh can give a brief account for each one of them. Every life is an interesting one, a book of its own story!!

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