Message from Richard [Dick] D’Abreu

Great to be still around at the age of 93!
It is also so good of the information and news I receive of the old School. I find it a privilege to be among the OC’s of the great BCS . Jim Lee and Peter Maidment for keeping in touch on Skype. We may be getting a bit forgetful from time to time, however we enjoy laughing together at the good times.. Thanks for keeping me in the OC’s membership. 
Best to all of you all for keeping up good times.
Dick D’Abreu  [1936-46 Curzon]

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  1. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf of Gay Niblett:

    Many thanks for keeping us Old and young Cottonians in touch with each other. What a special group of OCs there are and were gathered in Australia. Dick D’AbreuC(36-46), Peter Maidment R(30?-45?), Peter Rollo R(34-42) and a few more whom Dick could mention but who may or may not still be with us. In the UK,USA, Canada and Europe are more – John Phillips C(39-42),Allan Bapty R(36-38. 41-43) are with us. Lance Jones L(35-39), and Bob Myers I(36-44) and Ebbsworth I(38-45) passed away last year. A lot of tough lot of Nonagenarians. All bound by the bond of BCS. It feels like a moment to reflect on our glorious past and to look at the great future which lies ahead for the School.
    With best wishes to all
    Gay Niblett
    Hon. Life President OCA(UK)

  2. Bharat Sharma

    Heartwarming to read such a beautiful message from the grandest senior out there. God bless you with good health sir, and us all with a lifelong association.

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