Gurmit S. Sehmbey’s 1950-61 BCS photo archive

Sending you some pics from 1950 something to 1961 my Dads pics [Gurmit Singh Sehmbey]… more will send later. I think one of them is a wedding at Woodville palace
Sukhminder S. Sehmbey

The photos are from a personal collection, sent by Sukhminder via Arun Sawhney but without details of the year in which taken or the people who appear in these photos. Anyone who can help identify, please leave a comment below [please indicate the photo number so we can add the details/caption to the appropriate pic. Many thanks! OCA Webmaster]. Click the photos below for a larger view. There are 8 separate “gallery” sections:

5 thoughts on “Gurmit S. Sehmbey’s 1950-61 BCS photo archive

  1. vijay

    This is a fabulous collection. Important to archive with with information. SS I will speak to you. OCA- please could you provide me emails of living Cottonians in school between 1950-1960.

  2. Rajat Mukarji

    Many of us are little mites in some of the photos. Anil, I think I see you in one. I know I can recognise the Nat brothers, HS Kahlon, and indeed even one of myself – taken after sports day!! I agree Vijay – what a fabulous collection.

  3. Surinder S. Ahluwalia

    A flood of memories – an extraordinary collection maintained by Gurmeet. Loved it. Thank you Sukhminder for sharing it.

  4. Vijay Khurana

    What a fabulous collection. Wish we could name and date these pictures.

    It is almost surreal because you now look at yourself as part of history when it seemed like just another photography session on that particular day. The age and history of these pictures lend a new meaning.

    When I see Gurmeet, Naaz, Preppy or Mr Williams or Freddy Brown, I can almost hear their voices!!

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