Down memory lane: Mr. Tuli / Mr & Mrs. Shankar / Mr & Mrs. Roshan Lal

BCS Founder’s Day
Year Unknown [between 1964~1976?]

Dr. Y. S. Parmar [first CM of Himachal Pradesh] meeting BCS Staff.

Seen in the photo [left to right]:
Dr. Parmar – Mr. Anil ChaudharyMrs. Chaudhary – Mr. Roshan Lal Vashisht –  Mrs. Roshan Lal – Mr. Gauri Shankar [shaking hands with Dr.  Parmar] – Mrs. Shankar – Mr. L.C. Tuli.

Photo sent by Rajiv Shankar -1962-1974 Curzon – [Mr. Gauri Shankar’s son]

12 thoughts on “Down memory lane: Mr. Tuli / Mr & Mrs. Shankar / Mr & Mrs. Roshan Lal

  1. suresh sethi ( I 1961-66)

    Thanks a lot for this very nostalgic photo.I was the favorite of Mr Shankar and he use to call me:HIndi Champion. In fact I received the Hindi prize from The CM on this speech day. And how can I ever forget my Hindi teacher who came to my rescue in ISC exam as I was the only guy in my class to take Punjabi as a subject and was the sole student sitting in the hall taking the final exam paper! I was running short of my sixth subject and I asked Goldy if I could take Punjabi as my sixth subject? But Sethi who will teach you Pubjabi? It was then Mr Shanker came to my rescue and he very kindly agreed to brush up my Punjabi and took special classes with me. Mind you all this happened in 1966! And I passed flying colors in Punjabi ! God bless all these wonderful teachers even Goldy who very kindly allowed me to switch from science to arts only six months before the ISC exam! Those were the days!

  2. Ravinder Makhaik

    A small correction: That is not Mr Hakim, the Geography teacher, but Mr Anil Chaudhary, who was the Art Teacher for some years at BCS and with him is his wife Mrs Chaudhary and not Mrs Palta.

  3. Preet Uberoi

    Tradip Sengupta,had brought Mr Brown to Srinagar wayback in 89,when I was posted at Oberoi Palace. We hosted a dinner for him and his wife.
    It was a memorable evening.
    Anil,can you please share the contact details of OCAPresident and the Chairman too.
    Thankyou guys.

  4. Preet Uberoi

    The same year,I ran in Goldy sir too on the Mall.He too recognized me and even told me my roll number.
    God bless our teachers…is that Mr Palta in the pic..?

  5. Preet Uberoi

    I last met Mr Tuli,on the Mall in 77.and he recognized me in a jiffy even though I had shaved off in by then !!oz. Zee ozz…. God bless his noble soul

  6. N.K.Akers

    What wonderful memories. They forged our future and lives and genuinely cared. How many generations they taught and influenced-not only knowledge but importantly character. Is not the lady teacher Mrs.Palta?

  7. Vijay Khurana

    Wonderful people. Never forget the dinner I had with Mr & Mrs Shankar I had with him in 1969 and that was to be the last time I ever met him. Warm and affectionate each one of them!!

  8. Deepak Thakur Rivaz 1973

    Great memories. Thanks Rajiv Shankar for sharing the photo. Mr. R.N. Hakim (Geography teacher, Rivaz House Master), unknown lady teacher, Mr. & Mrs. Roshan Lal (Hindi teacher), Mr. & Mrs. G. Shankar (Hindi teacher), Mr. L.C. Tuli (Maths teacher).

  9. Capt Vivek Bhasin

    Great Nostalgia is good for the heart and soul🙏Perhaps perhaps the profile of the unknown is my late Geography Teacher ( and late Mr Hakim who became Headmaster after one Brig. Mukand)

    With great reflection..
    Vivek Bhasin
    Lefroy 1961-1970

    1. Anil Advani

      You are correct Vivek…thanks for picking it up! Will add the names in the next update to this post.

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