The Mike King letters [Mike King : the Son of “A son of BCS”]

Mike King a very dear friend of mine based in the UK is a die-hard fanatic of BCS! Even though he could not go to BCS his Father and Uncles did.

Mike regularly attends the OCA (UK) reunions and stays in touch with me regularly, sending snippets of excellent news and information strongly focused on BCS which I enjoy thoroughly. It is Mike and his present family who managed to , over the years retrieve these fantastic gems of letters his Father and Uncles wrote to their parents whilst residing as Boarders in BCS.

Mike King now 70 last April, was educated at Durham School  England.

He Served with the City of London Police (UK) before transferring to the Toronto Police in 1975. Specialising in organised crime investigations, his work was featured in several books. He spent two years with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) before entering the private sector and then spent 25 years engaged in commercial investigations around the world. He took part in film documentaries about organised crime and acted as a consultant in two separate productions. He contributed a chapter to noted Indian author Shrabani Basu’s book entitled India Revisited in which he wrote about his ancestor’s lives in India and his father’s respect for the great contribution of the Indian Forces in two world wars – never to be forgotten.

As for languages, Mike is modest, and speaks a little French, German, Spanish and Cantonese.

The following boys (all Cottonians)  were the sons of Mr. WH King MBE FRGS who was, himself, born and brought up in India. He was a renowned engineer who built the telegraph line from Gyantse to Lhasa in 1922 which linked Tibet to the outside world.

William King (Uncle of Mike King)  – born in Gilgit. Graduated in Agriculture at the University of Alberta, Canada.  Lt. Col. British Army – killed in action on Normandy landings 1944.

Charles King (Father of Mike King) – born in Bhatinda. School Captain  BCS 1928. Graduated in Theology at the University of Cambridge. Wartime Chaplain to the Forces. Prisoner of War in Poland and Germany 1940-1945. Died in Church service in 1972. ( some fantastic letters/postcard follow)!

John King  (Uncle of Mike King) – born in Poona died in 1984 aged 65. Fl. Lt. RAF – WW2 escaper from Crete and member of the elite Caterpillar Club (RAF Escaping Society).

Hereward King  (uncle of Mike) – born in Mussoorie. Served in the Royal Navy in WW2. Advertising executive. Died 1976.

Capt. Vivek C Bhasin
Norra Strandgatan-2
SE 652 24 Karlstad

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More letters and postcards from my father and his brother to their parents sent from BCS. It was nearly 100 years ago!
Best regards,

These invaluable letters bring a sense of the greatest elation in me and  that I was one of the privileged sons like all my fellow Cottonians  of BCS.
Best wishes
Vivek [Bhasin]

7 thoughts on “The Mike King letters [Mike King : the Son of “A son of BCS”]

  1. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf Peter Stringer:
    THANK you, Mike
    Allowing us to share these treasures.
    At once, recalling my years at BCS – Sunday evening as we all were assembled after a short break from supper.
    Seated at our House tables, in strict silence – we were handed School writing paper supervised under Master on Duty and instructed to write home.
    What immediately comes to mind, my final year in Class Shell, I among a few others was the proud owner of a dark blue plastic pocket fountain pen.
    The new word arrival of ‘plastic’ amazed us and conjectured randomly to hear plastic clothes would follow! What?
    Some of you no doubt will laugh but those formative school years magically burnish with age. We cherish our heritage with blessings of thanks to our Alma Mater.
    Please send in more stories.

    Peter Stringer Lefroy 1943-47

    Evening walk along Knollswood Spur
    Wild Tree Dhalias
    Looking down at Swimming Pool

    Evening walk along Knollswood Spur

    Wild Tree Dhalias

    Looking down on the Swimming Pool

  2. Sunil Mehta (Shorty)

    These are the most incredible, nostalgic letters that evoke a sense of what our school was like almost a hundred years ago. Thanks so much for including these and allowing us to delve into the minds of the kids at that time. I feel there was an innocence then that has necessarily changed with technology and communications now, but what a wonderful synopsis in the life of a young kid at the time. Wonderful job and thank-you so much Mike King for allowing us to read these treasures.

  3. Amarinder Sandhu

    That reminds me of the music I faced in Mr Mukands office in 1986 for not writing letters back home!

  4. Vivek Bhasin

    Very well collated by webmaster Anil Advani. Great Job Bro!! I believe the younger Cottonians and younger OCs will really enjoy these writings slowly absorbing the astonishing facts of such amazing individuals who were at our Alma mater. They should reflect, just as I do, closing my eyes to focus on actions and deeds undertaken by these incredible Cottonians who make us proud … these letters have surfaced after nearly a century Thanks to Mike King and his family…
    A M E N

  5. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf Anil [Dimpy] Mehra:
    Remarkable facts & makes interesting reading of data shared by Mike relating to his father & uncles. Proud son of our Alma mater, how invigorating is that.
    Best Wishes

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