Mt. Elbrus)- latest update by Sandeep Mansukhani

Subject: (Mt. Elbrus)- latest update by Capt Sandeep

Dear all,
Sending message as received by Capt Mansukhani.

On Elbrus – Europe highest peak.
Wx was bad on 23 for summit attempt thus the final climb was called of.
24 we tried and had to turn 200 m before summit due strong snow blizzard – 40-45 k winds , freezing  temp, thunderstorm, lightening – took the decision to turn back, very tough decision but safety was paramount.
Will try one last time on 27 morning . Winds are still strong 40-45k .  Hope for the best .. keep me in prayers

Will keep you posted. Seeking blessings for him.



3 thoughts on “Mt. Elbrus)- latest update by Sandeep Mansukhani

  1. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf Gay Niblett :

    Dear Sandeep,
    We can hardly credit that more than a year has passed since you were the first OC to climb Mt. Everest and now you have been joined by another OC to achieve this monumental feat. BCS are certainly producing some exceptional Mountaineers. Now you have your heart set on the
    7 Summits challenge.
    I am in London meeting with other Members of the Board of Governors and will take up with them the matter of how we can help you.
    Meanwhile, my personal best wishes to you as you prepare for this challenge.
    With my regards to your wife Harsimran and your family.
    Yours very sincerely,
    Gay Niblett.

  2. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf Gay Niblett :

    Our prayers and hopes are with you for success  today.
    With our love and good wishes,

    Gay Niblett

  3. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf Anil Mehra:

    Keep up the courage & the Cottonian spirit. If any one has a chance to accomplish Europe highest peak on this mission ,  it is you.
    Wish you all the success.
    Best Wishes
    Anil ( Dimpy) Mehra


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