OC Prabal SJB Rana Passed away

Prabal SJB Rana (BCS 1954 Batch) passed away. Mr Rana was the 17th Nepalese High Commissioner to the UK from 2003-2006.


We are deeply saddened to inform you all that our President (OCA Nepal) Mr. Prabal SJB Rana Passed away today evening at Grande Hospital.

He had been suffering from Kidney Problems for quite some time.

May his sould rest in peace and and let us all carry forward his Contribution, Dedication and Work towards OCA Nepal Chapter.

  • Subodh Das Shrestha

9 thoughts on “OC Prabal SJB Rana Passed away

  1. admin Post author

    Posted on Behalf of Behram Irani:

    Sad to read about the passing away of Prabala, a batchmate a friend and a really great guy. My his soul Rest in Peace.

    Best regards,

    Behram Irani
    Geneva, Switzerland

  2. Gurpratap Singh Sahi

    Sorry to hear of the sad demise of Prabal Rana. He and I were together in Col. Brown School in Dehra Dun during the late forties and the early fifties in the previous century. His elder brother Prasidha Rana was also there. In the early fifties, both the Rana brothers and I migrated to BCS. They were good Boxers !
    My heartfelt condolences to Prabal’s family. May his lovely soul rest in peace everlasting.

    Gurpratap Singh ( Sahi )
    Class of 1956

  3. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf of Peter Stringer:
    Dear Webmaster

    Would you kindly add my respects to replies for the passing Prabal SJB Rana

    Always saddend by the passing of a fellow being – a final goodbye from an Old Cottonian adds
    For me, the brief meeting at OCA(UK) Reunions with Prabal Rana measured more sorrow.
    When he was Nepalese High Commissioner in London sent me a kind fraternal invitation to lunch at the Embassy
    Unfortunately, that day started the London bombings deprived me of Rana meeting again.
    Bless him – his memory remains as I offer my condolences to his family – Rest in Peace.
    Kind regards
    Peter Stringer Lefroy 1943-47

  4. Vijay Khurana

    My only memory of Prabal Rana is pictured as a person on the football ground in the school colours jersey. He played well. He was also a senior cousin of my class mate, Rishi SJB Rana.

    At age 7, in 1954, the memories of those so much senior to you are etched in single frames that are vivid. That frame defines my impression of them. They were are larger than life and you tucked into your mind small characteristics that defined them – in your perception.

    Prabal came across as an athletic, refined and polished figure different from the tall flamboyant Paul Tonk, one of the finest goal keepers I can remember until Gurpal Singh took over the mantle and held it for the longest period in School history.

    From the class of 1954, I remember so many other prominent faces and some of these I subsequently interacted with always with more than a modest quantity of respect and awe. They were fine gentlemen to the core.

    Prabal was a prominent example and that he represented his country with distinction is evidence of the calibre BCS delivered!! We looked up to these examples and they in some measure imparted to us the values that we imbibed and followed. Thank you Prabal and may you rest in peace. We owe you a debt of gratitude, dear Sir !! Good bye to the resting place that exists for all of us.

    1. Prabin Bhattarai

      Prabal Shumshere Rana(we used to call him Prabal Babusab/ Prabal Raja): Former Nepali Ambasaador to the United Kingdom, where his father late Kiran Shunshere JB Rana also represented Nepal at the Court of St. James’s. Rana , a seasonal diplomat, former President of the AFCAN, a Pundit of State Protocol, my boss is no more.

      In Shital Niwas, early in 1990, when I became PA to late Chura Bahadur Hamal, popularly known as CB Hamal, Head of South Asia Division, late Rana and Purushothaman Lal Shrestha’s we’re sharing a small room next to me and looking after SAARC Division. He frequently used visit my room for few reasons: one to make call( no direct line was available there), two ask some typing and ask my assistant to go to market for buying cigarettes).
      He was so direct, always speaking English in British tone, love to juniors.I’ve been to his Kiran Bhawan residence and Budhanilkantha residence in several occasion. He has vast collection of photographs and art works. Studied diplomatic history in Delhi and London, and has a great expertise in the matter of interior decoration as well as restoration works. I personally saw him spending from wee hours to dusk while decorating and restoring Shital Niwas during SAARC Summit.
      In late Nineties, when I was asked to move to Protocol, I met him and told him that I’m going to join Protocol. He congratulated me and also warned me with strong words that protocol is not a joke, it’s discipline work, you need to spare your time and dedication. Before moving to Protocol I met him quite few times because he was considered one of the main pundit of Diplomatic Protocol/State Protocol in the whole country. He gave me few lessons both theoretical and practical perspective. Even he took me to nearby hotel ( Hotel Kathmandu) for a cup of coffee to teach me table manner and seat planning.
      In later years, MoFA has frequently invited him to give orientation to newly appointed ambassadors and abroad posted diplomats. He always remember me and call me saying Hey Prabin, how are you? Listen, I’m coming there tomorrow to to take the orientation class for…., please join with me as I heard from your bosses that you are doing good in Protocol, bring few sample cards ( table cards, menu cards, invitation cards, RSVP cards, compliments cards, envelope)and also bring a sample for display boards, …I joined him several times assisting him for his class with some new concepts.
      Respected Sir,
      Being your student of Diplomatic Protocol particularly State Protocol, I somehow became a good student and served eight times in Protocol almost two dozen years. It’s all because of your teaching .

      It’s unbelievable that you are no more with us. As long as I’m in my active service/life, I cannot forget you. Today I recall the day when Shanti mam left you, one can easily saw your pain. Today I could not visit you, it’s WiFi farewell from your student. We miss you a lot.
      Dear Pumpy Rana and Family
      I’m deeply shocked and saddened to know about the demise of your father. I extend my heartfelt condolences and profound sympathy to you and through you to all bereaved family members and relatives home and abroad.
      We pray to almighty to bestow on you and all the bereaved families enough fortitude to bear this irreparable loss and also pray for the eternal peace of the departed soul.

      With our profound sympathy
      Prabin Bhattarai n Family
      Second Secretary
      Embassy of Nepal
      Doha, the State of Qatar

  5. Capt Vivek Bhasin

    Greatly Grieved to hear of Sir Prabhal Rana’s passing.

    An imminent personality, a pillar of Nepal as the Royal Kingdom’s High Commissioner to the UK, had the privilege of meeting him at the OCA UK luncheons.

    He was a very down to earth gentleman exuding warmth and compassion.

    A true son of Bishop Cotton School.

    My deepest and most heartfelt condolences to the Rana family..

    Vivek Bhasin


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