Letter to, and reply from Mr. Goss

Letter to Mr Goss from Vijay Khurana and OCs:

My dear Mr Goss,

On behalf of my friends, the Old Cottonians, and myself, we wish you every happiness and good health on your 90th birthday. Congratulations.

You were instrumental in affecting the lives of so many of us. You taught us a lot of valuable lessons and those we have not forgotten with gratitude and appreciation. You have our profuse thanks

I have never forgotten your versatility as a teacher. One of the few, perhaps the only one, I know who taught us such diverse subjects as English and Mathematics with admirable ease. You introduced us to Sherlock Holmes with those reading sessions during class hours fostered an interest that led us to reading so many more of the “classics”. You showed us the light and developed the interest in reading.

You encouraged us to conduct debates in the classroom and it led to some of my peers turning out to be wonderful orators whose presence in the law courts is remembered to this day. Rajive Sawhney was one of them.

We trembled at your marking system. It then seemed harsh but it goaded us to do better and this was apparent in the marks that most of us obtained at the Board exams, more than what you ever gave us !! Thank you, again.

On the games field you coached many soccer players and the boys enjoyed the process never to have forgotten the game they played and won against Sanawar.

Thank you, Mr Goss for being the wonderful guide for so many of us.

We wish you well and we wish you every happiness.

With our love and good wishes to Mrs Goss, the family and you.

Very affectionately

The Old Cottonians & Vijay

From: Ronald Goss
Sent: 08 May 2019 23:37
To: Vijay Khurana
Subject: Thank You.

Dear Vijay:

My sincere thanks to you and the OCs on whose behalf you have sent me such a beautiful letter.  How can I tell you what it means to a 90- year-old retired school teacher whose greatest reward in life lies in the remarkable achievements and successes of his students?  It is indeed gratifying to know that so many of you have attained such heights in your careers and brought such honour to your families and to your old school.  My congratulations to every one of you. 


Thank you so much for your generous birthday wishes.  My 90th birthday celebration was an occasion to remember, and Mrs. Goss has my undying love and appreciation for all the hard work she put into planning such a wonderful party.  It was held here in our condo party room, and all my family were present, a rare occasion indeed.  Also present were many old friends from Vermilion (our home for 41 years), our condo friends, and friends from my church.  Yvonne’s brother and his wife came all the way from Australia, and another brother-in-law, who has just been declared cancer-free after his many months of sheer agony, was present much to our relief and delight.  It was a grand reunion.  Regretfully missing were two Old Cottonians, Dilip Tinani and Inderjit Singh Gill, who were going to drive  from Calgary but were deterred by the snow fall that morning.  We look forward to their visit in the near furure.

Mrs. Goss and all my family send their regards.  Thank you, one and all, for your good wishes (your words were music to my ears) and for remembering me in my old age.

Good health and happiness to you all.  “Overcome Evil with Good”.

Ron Goss

BCS 1956-64



Letter from Rishi Rana to Mr Goss:

Dear Sir,


Congratulations to you and Mrs. Goss on this great milestone.


As you were aware of my privileged background, I really had no role models. Among the teachers I would definitely consider you as one who shaped the course of my future where I have been able to break away from my feudal past.


It is obvious you have been blessed by a great family. Wishing you many more happy years with your family in the future. 


With Respect and Affection


Rishi Rana


Thanks Vijay for keeping us Cottonians connected

15th May 2019 UPDATE:

My dear Sir,

Thank you for your mail.

Davinder Singh Jaaj, popularly known as D Singh is the person you refer to. His e-mail address is […masked by Editor…]

To facilitate recognition, I am attaching a photograph of the prefects in 1962 where D Singh is seen sitting on the extreme right. The current version of the man appears in the other picture taken in 2012 when the batch went up to Simla for their 50 year reunion. Incidentally, R S Sodhi, the gentleman in the blue turban retired as a judge of the Delhi High Court.

“Santa Lucia” was sung by N P Pawa at one of the Rivaz House concerts. His brother Vijay and their cousins T R (Tilak Raj) and Vinod formed the singing quartet that was hugely popular in School if you recall.

N P Pawa lives in New York where he manages a store marketing jewellery at one of the up market stores on Fifth Avenue. Vijay passed away many years ago in Bangkok which is where the family came from. TR passed away just a over a year ago from a tumor in the brain which he suffered with for many years leaving him towards the end completely blind. Terribly unfortunate. Vinod retired as a professor from Singapore University where he continues to reside. His wife passed away about 10 years, a cancer victim. Vinod had lunch with me a few months ago.

My warm regards to Mrs Goss and you.



Vijay Khurana

From: Ronald Goss < >
Sent: 14 May 2019 23:50
To: Vijay <  >
Subject: Re: MZ in 1959 at BCS and with his family

Dear Vijay:

The address you have for us is correct.  < >

Vijay, I don’t have an email address for D. Singh.  Kindly contact him on my behalf and do me the favour of telling him how much I appreciate his good wishes.  If my memory serves me right, he was the lad with the golden voice and led the bhangra team as well.  Who was it who sang “Santa Lucia” on the stage in one of those house concerts? 

Just reminiscing.

Thank you,

Ron Goss 

On Mon, May 13, 2019 at 10:24 PM Vijay < . > wrote:

Dear Mr Goss,Thank you for your mail.

I now recall I had scanned this photograph from Mr Zachariah’s book. Lovely memories of another day.

I have the following  address for you:


May I please request for an update to include your phone numbers as well. My thanks

Warm regards



Vijay Khurana

From: Ronald Goss <  >
Sent: 14 May 2019 07:22
To: Vijay < . >
Subject: Re: MZ in 1959 at BCS and with his family

Dear Vijay:

It is nice to see this picture again.  Mr. Zachariah sent me a copy some years ago and also included it in his book.  It was an honour indeed to be introduced to Dr. Rajendra Prasad, President of India, on that auspicious occasion in 1959, I think it was. 

Thank you so much.

Ron Goss

On Sun, May 12, 2019 at 10:03 PM Vijay < > wrote:

  Dear Mr Goss

Here is picture for your collection unless you already possess it! Please
forgive the description as it appears in my collection



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  1. Deepak Thakur, 356 Rivaz, 1964-73

    Mr Goss, post dated happy 90th birthday and wish you many happy returns with a long, happy & healthy life. Mrs Goss is my first memory of BCS, where I started in Linlithgow in 1964, when I could not speak even half a word of English and she helped me to overcome my fear of learning the English language. Vincum Mallum Bonum.

  2. indikhanna

    Dear Mr & Mrs Goss,

    Mrs Goss is probably my first memory of BCS when I was plonked into Linlithgow by my father and left in the care of a lady I shall always remember and admire.

    My best wishes to you both. Always.

    Gurrinder S Khanna
    993, Rivaz

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