Executive Committee of OCA (India)

Please find given below the list of the members of the Executive Committee of OCA(India).All communications for the President or Secretary of OCA(India) may be sent at oldcottonianassociation@yahoo.com.


Executive Committee of OCA India
Sr. no Name Designation
1 Mr. D.C Anand President  Emeritus
2 Justice R.S Sodhi (RETD) Immediate Past President
3 Mr. Davinder Singh Jaaj President
4 Justice S.S Saron(RETD) Vice President
5 Mr.Ashwini Virk Immediate Past Secretary
6 Mr.Ajay Thiara Secretary
7 Mr.Rahul Aggarwal Treasurer
8 Mr. Uday Kapoor Joint Secretary
9 Mr.Pritinder Singh Member Executive Committee
10 Mr.Anil Singha Member Executive Committee
11 Mr.Gurtej Buwal Member Executive Committee
12 Mr. Ravi Inder Singh Member Executive Committee
13 Mr.Mohnish Sharma Member Executive Committee
14 Mr.Anil Chopra Member Executive Committee
15 Mr.Vijay Khurana Member Executive Committee
16 Mr.Kanav Monga Member Executive Committee
Kind Regards
Ajay Thiara
Secretary OCA(India)

Editor: Though it is not specified in the above communication, the list is for the period 2019-2021

13 thoughts on “Executive Committee of OCA (India)

  1. suresh sethi

    I am very glad to see the name of Vijay Khurana (finally!) in the list of the executive committee. Indeed it was high time! It would be very ungrateful of me if I did not say that he is the most helpful;, kind, large hearted and lovable OC I have ever met in my life. He is one guy you can always count for help and I know this from my own personal experience since 1968! And the best of all is that he has not personal motive in helping and promoting OCS’, May God give him good health and a long life. Vijay you are really a very nice guy. Love

  2. Davinder Singh Jaaj

    Towards follow up of the matters discussed we had gone to School & put forth our concerns to the Head Master. We’re going to try our best, as members of the Executive Committee to take up projects in the best interest of our School & Association. I request you all to kindly provide us with your suggestions. D Singh

  3. Dr. Santokh Singh

    Congratulations to you all – the new leaders of OCA India.
    Yes, details of theirs’ awaited.
    We do need to make the OCA stronger, as are most of the other Public Schools like Doon, Sanawar & others. They appear to be much closer knit than we are.
    Good luck & God Bless.
    Dr. Santokh Singh, Lefroy 1950-57.

  4. Deepak Thakur, Rivaz, 1964-73

    Congratulations to yhe new inductees. I second Anil Advani’s proposal for a small note on their details & especially about their time in School.

  5. Anil Advani


    A small write-up about each EC Member and details about their time at BCS would be great for other OCs to be able to connect with EC members especially. OCA India Secretary requested to kindly send the details to be put up at the OCA Website.

  6. Preet uberoi

    Congratulations OCA. Lets overcome evil with good. Can i have Mr Ravi Inder Singhs contact please.
    Thank you .God bless
    Preet Uberoi

    1. admin Post author

      I have asked the new OCA India Secretary Mr. Thaira for the list of contact details for all OCA India Executive Committee Members so that they may be reachable by OCs… details awaited. Will be listed online as and when received from OCA Secretary….

  7. Amarjit Singh Jaijee

    My congratulation to the new committee. Good luck, Amarjit Singh Jaijee I 1947-1957

  8. Robin Nakai

    Heartiest Congratulations to the Executive ! Kindly bring back the glory of the OCA and the sense of Cottonianship in one and all .

    Good luck

    Robin Nakai

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