Spotlight on OC RAHUL GODRA

Rahul Godra

Jerry Godinho interviewed Rahul Godra [Old Cottonian] and has blogged about Rahul’s spiritualism and what led Rahul to startup “Resplendent Soul“:

I realized that a lot of people were looking for the depths of Indian thought, but could scratch only the surface of it. I felt like I could facilitate their outer and inner journeys within India, and then the idea of Resplendent Soul popped up [….] 


The entire interview is available via this link to the Four Columns of a Balanced Life website 

One thought on “Spotlight on OC RAHUL GODRA

  1. Vivek Bhasin

    Perfectly Beautiful Calm Serene … Raul, as this young man prefers to be called is a Blessed Loving and Sincere Young Man who revolves in space, in time , within himself and then pours out good karma to people around him…
    Being School Captain at BCS, visiting England where we took care of Raul and in his growing years, keeping in touch with me I am simply amazed with his logic, his gyaaan, and his explanations for becoming a peaceful
    Human … Raul expends L O V E from his resplendent soul….
    Raul : perhaps you can explain why “ I still haven’t found .. what I’m
    Looking For “ 🙏

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