Gerald [Jerry] Godinho interviews Old Cottonian ROHAN CHARANJI

Gerald Godinho [also an Old Cottonian] interviewed Rohan Charanji. Here is an excerpt [see below for link to full interview].

Rohan, welcome to my series on Millennials. Tell my audience something important about you?

I was born in India, educated at Bishop Cotton and studied in Switzerland and London.

I have worked in China, US, London, Thailand, Wales and currently in the UAE for the last 4 years.

With my Swiss education, I felt a stupid sense of entitlement. I was asked to mop floors, clean plates and I realized without hard work you can never achieve anything.

– Rohan Charanji.

[…read the full interview here]

One thought on “Gerald [Jerry] Godinho interviews Old Cottonian ROHAN CHARANJI

  1. Peter Stringer

    I have been constantly told not to look back but urgently need to meet the challenges of tomorrow. I now must say – We learn from history. Respect & listen to your elders. Be proud of your past & remember the good times – put to use OVERCOME EVIL WITH GOOD
    Thank you
    Peter Stringer
    Lefroy 1943-47


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