OCA India Reunion Lunch 2019

Dear All,
This is to inform you that this year’s OCA India Reunion Lunch (Contributory) is being organised at
1, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110016.
On 10th February, 2019
From 12 noon onwards.
Dress Code : Blazer with Tie / Lounge Suit / Combination Suit.
Donations: OCs – Rs.2500, Students – Rs.1000, OC Wives/Girlfriends/Partners are free to join us at the Lunch (No Contributions). All OCs are requested to donate liberally over and above the requisite contribution.

Kindly block your dates for the same.

Ash Virk
Secretary- OCA India

One thought on “OCA India Reunion Lunch 2019

  1. amitsaini71

    I am an OC of the 1988 Batch from the House of Lefroy. I am a Dentist who has lately ventured into the NGO Sector in the field of Oral Health as from 2013 onwards. The OCA India Annual Reunion Lunch should ponder us to do more for the society in which we live and breathe.

    There should be a social arm of the OCA which would work in the social sectors and help the poor and the underprivileged. As a Social Entrepreneur I feel the Empathy is lacking among the OCAs.

    International Universities do have a social programme ingrained in them by which the students travel to the Developing countries to implement them. Why cannot the OCA?

    There are much challenging and social initiatives needed in India itself to bring relief and succor to the people at the base of the pyramid.

    OCA get together should not be just a Party but an Initiative that is needed to solve the pressing problems and have them addressed one by one.

    Amit Saini

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