Canada OCs get together

The following message is from Jerry Godinho, President of OCA Canada-

“17 OC’s along with their spouses and friends from Greater Toronto Area and Michigan met on Sunday, June 3rd at Bombay Palace.

John McLauglin who is 85 drove 6 hrs from Flint Michigan, dressed in full regalia and drove back after lunch. It was good to see John’s picture in Ruskin Bond’s book.

Pratap Grewal shared about his life and how paralysis impacted him. He shared how he has overcome so many physical challenges in life. John and Pratap represent the true BCS spirit.

It was good to see Tom, Satinder and Ravdeep after a decade.

Akshay Bansal is the newest member as he is completing his MBA at York.

Later on in the summer we will be heading to Stratford to watch a play and another event at a Mexican restaurant is planned in September.

This is the list of the OC’s that attended the event-

  1. Angad Singh- 2007
  2. Satinder Singh- 1956
  3. Akshay Bansal- 2008
  4. Saranjit Singh- 1967
  5. Tom Mehra- 1979
  6. Shanker Basu- 1970
  7. Gurpreet Bhogal-
  8. Gautam Salwan- 1989
  9. Sanjay Chadha- 1988
  10. Tanvir Sodhi- 2004
  11. Sameer Sodhi- 2007
  12. John McLaughlin- 1948
  13. Jerry Godinho- 1983
  14. Jasraj Singh- 2009
  15. Jiwan Goyal
  16. Ravdeep Ahuja- 1989
  17. Partap Grewal – Curzon 1963″

Thanks and kind regards,

Jasraj Singh

Ibbetson 2009

6 thoughts on “Canada OCs get together


    Jivan is on the extreme left and Satinder is on the extreme right with the jacket on his hand. Jivan is in the yoga business and married with two grown daughters. Satinder just retired and has a few kids and countless grand kids and yes is tejinder and govinders brother

  2. Vijay Khurana

    Would it be possible to have the names indicated because i know Jivan Goyal but I fear he is the bald guy. To identify him like that after 50 years is patently unfair. So a little assistance please. Satinder is Tejinder and Govinder’s brother. Which one is he?

    What a lovely get together and the apprehension of small numbers is dispelled !! Cheers

  3. Manish Thapar

    Great Pictures.. it would be nice to see if there is sufficient mass in Philadelphia/ NYC area for a similar gathering

  4. Sunil Mehta

    Good to see my friends Bogie and Jiwan attending the dinner. Seems like it was a great get together.

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