Capt. Sandeep Mansukhani scales Mt Everest!

A proud moment for BCS and OCA. The first Old Cottonian to successfully summit Mt Everest! Congratulations!
And YES he did it!!!!!!!
21/6 day 5 @ 0757 hrs
With His grace and countless prayers of all you lovely people, the holy Mt Everest allowed Capt Sandeep Mansukhani to reach its summit.  He is blessed by Guru to be surrounded by such amazing  and caring people.
He is a first Sindhi, first commercial pilot and first Old Cottonian to reach the top of the world making us all proud.
Nothing more for now…
Just keep praying as the descent of Everest becomes very very critical with body losing all focus after doing non stop climb of 24 hrs in thinnest of air and barely eating anything. Will update u later in the day when he reaches lower camps.
Regards and loves…..Harsimran mansukhani

6 thoughts on “Capt. Sandeep Mansukhani scales Mt Everest!

  1. Inderjit Chadda

    Fabulous achievement!! Great moment of pride for us all Cottonians!
    May God protect him during the dangerous decsent…

    Best wishes

  2. Inderjit Chadda

    Great !! And a very proud moment for us all OCs..
    I, having retired as a 747 commercial pilot, kudos to our pilots’ fraternity too on this fantastic achievement of a brave fellow colleague….
    May God protect him on the dangerous descent….
    Best wishes
    Inderjit Chadda
    !958 – 1954

  3. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf of Gay Niblett :

    You will doubtless know of the arrival at the summit of Mt. Everest by Capt. Mansukhani earlier today. This magnificent achievement on his second attempt,is a matter of great joy and pride for all Cottonians, his wife
    Harsimran and son Kabir, who is currently a pupil at BCS.
    We would much appreciate you giving this the maximum publicity on our website.

    Best regards,

    Gay Niblett

  4. Gurpratap Singh : Class of 1956

    GREAT. A Cottonian from our fraternity now equates with Sir Edmund Hillary and Norkay Tensing. Proud moments now for us all. Warmest congratulations.

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