Ajay Badyal – Rivaz House 1966 batch

Sad news… Ajay Badyal – Rivaz House 1966 batch.

Passed away in New York after a fight with cancer. He was working with the US Federal Reserve.

Regards – Vijay (Kuttu) Singh

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  1. Sushil Kumar Bhalaik

    Very sorry to hear the sad news of the passing away of my classmate Ajay Badyal .He along with Harpal Singh were the kids in the Rivaz House batch of 66.They had a gang called the key chain gang would look formidable strutting around twirling the key chains.A bit sloppy in attire both were reasonably good swimmers.Never ever met Ajay after school.Of late we were in touch would receive his greetings on new years.He was amusingly nicknamed Le Fart !! Why I do not know.will always remember him.My deepest condolences to the family RIP dear friend.

  2. Robin Nakai

    Rest in Peace !

    Ajay Badyal

    Old Cottonian .

    Was saddened to hear of the passing of a senior from school , today .

    I was Three years junior to him in school – being the batch of 69 .
    I lost touch with him that night in December 1966 , after the school parties left for home on that cold winters night .

    However , every time I would ride my bike in the mountains of Morni I would cross a village called Badyal and I would always wonder if this was the place where Badyal ( as he was known as in school ) originated from .

    A question left unanswered and shall stay thusly for eternity .

    The sad news today evoked a memory from long ago .

    I have no recollection of what Badyal was in school , but what stands out is the one memory of Badyal – in the Swimming Pool .

    Not very tall , chubby , not very athletic , Badyal was a fish in water !
    His swimming style was fantastic …when he would swim by doing the free stoke – his feet would paddle up a crescendo that sounded suspiciously like – Bud , Bud , Bud – Badyal ! Awesome ! I can still visualise and hear the sound as he would lead the pool !
    The only challenge from his House Mate , Harpal Singh !

    He had lungs that could hold breath for a long time , as he would prove by winning the plunge ( floating in the water with head down ) -holding his breath and winning the event by floating the length of the swimming pool .

    Today as he rests in Elysium , we Cottonian’s wish him much swimming in the clear and calm waters ….

    Bud -Bud – Bud – Badyal !

    Rest In Peace .

    1. Dilip Batra (Curzon - 1960 / 67)

      We were in touch quite regularly after BCS. I stayed with his family in Kolkata in the 70’s. Met him last in New Jersey in 2013. Great guy !! RIP

      1. P.S. Bob Bakshi

        Ajay Badyal was one of the nicest guys in Rivaz with us. A thorough gentleman who took pains to keep in touch. I am deeply saddened about his passing away and regret not making a trip to NYC to see him the past couple of years. God Bless his Soul!

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