Expedition to Mount Everest in 2018 by an OC

Message received from Sandeep Mansukhani, Rivaz House (1994-95).

OCA India sincerely wishes him ‘best of luck’ for his brave adventure and may God grant him enough courage to complete his unfinished task of conquering the Great Himalayan Peak.

Ashwani Virk- Secretary OCA India

“Prayers, good wishes and blessings pouring from all over came as an answer to my survival amidst the disastrous earthquake that hit Mt Everest/ Nepal in 2015 during my expedition to the Summit. It made me realise how blessed I am to have such lovely and caring people around. I will proceed to Nepal on 3rd April 2018 to complete my unfinished climb of Mt Everest Expd (8848m/ 29029 ft). I seek your blessings again. I request you all for any monetary contribution you wish to make to help me in my endeavour”.

Account details are as follows: A/c Name: Sandeep Mansukhani. Bank : State Bank of India. Account no: 34777505766. IFSC Code: SBIN0001282, East Patel Nagar branch



8 thoughts on “Expedition to Mount Everest in 2018 by an OC

  1. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf of Peter Stringer :

    Dear Webmaster
    Would you kindly add this to the replies to Vivek Bhasin’s Camino to Santiago de Compostela
    Shabash Vivek & for Lefroy House.
    Thank you for keeping us posted on your personal mission experience extraordinary. Amazing what one can accomplish when mind control disciplines the body
    As you say BCS Holy Trinity Chapel often entered your thoughts of prayer as you rambled along the rough paths of the Pilgrim route
    I strongly believe in the Spirit of BCS & the power to Prayer.
    And in closing, we offer our prayers for Capt Sandeep Mansukhani on his Everest expedition & safe return.
    God Bless PATINA & those who are yet to come
    Peter Stringer Lefroy 1943-47

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  3. Gay Niblett

    Please convey our very best wishes. May the weather be kind on thIs momentous venture. May he too, have the courage, skill, perseverance and all good fortune to arrive at the summit, with a safe descent.
    God be with him, as will be all of our hearts and thoughts.
    On behalf of OCA (UK)

    Gay Niblett (Rivaz House -1943-47)
    Hon. Life President.
    OCA (UK)

  4. Vijay Khurana

    A terrific initiative. Drive and ambition so obvious and that it has our compliments. An obvious first for any OC. Admirartion. Courageous, you. You have our support – emotional and monetary. We will keep you going. !!

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