Message from President OCA India – Justice (Retd) R.S. Sodhi

Dear Friends and Fellow Cottonians !….Greetings of a great Year ahead ..!!
It is worthwhile to mention hereby that Bishop Cotton School has been producing meritorious students par excellence in almost every field particularly our Armed Services. Highly decorated War Officers namely :

  • Air Chief Marshal P.C.Lal – PadmaVibhushan, DFCCAS,
  • Lt. Gen. Dewan Prem Chand – PVSM ,
  • Lt. Gen. N.C.Rawlley – PVSM, AVSM, MC, VCOAS,
  • Lt. Gen. M.N. Batra – PVSM, OBE,
  • Lt. Gen. I.S.Gill – PVSM, AVSM, GOC in C,
  • Lt. Gen. K.S.Randhawa – PVSM, AVSM,
  • Lt. Gen. Baljit Singh – AVSM, VSM,
  • Lt. Gen, H.R.S. Kalkat – PVSM, AVSM GOC in C,
  • Vice Adm. R.N.Batra – PVSM,
  • Vice Adm. Harinder Singh – PVSM, AVSM, FOC in C,
  • AVM H.P.S.Sidhu,
  • Maj. Gen. P.C.Gupta – MC,
  • Maj. Gen. K.C.Khanna,
  • Maj. Gen. J. Mayadas – VSM,
  • Maj. Gen. S.Varma – VSM, Mention in Dispatch,
  • Maj. Gen. Lalji D.Singh,
  • Maj. Lalit Malhotra,
  • Maj. Gen. S.K.Batra,
  • Maj. S.P.Bhatia – VSM,
  • Maj. Gen. C.S.Panag – YSM, VSM,
  • Maj. Gen. R.Pandit – AVSM, SM,
  • Maj. Gen. H.M.Singh,
  • Rear Adm. R.Chopra – VSM, Mention in Dispatch,
  • Brig. P.O.Myers –MC, BAR,
  • Brig. Nadirshaw – VRC,
  • Brig. H.Chukerbuti – 5 Blues in IMA,
  • Brig. R.S.S.Kohli,
  • Brig. P.K.H.Chand,
  • Brig. H.K.Dhawan,
  • Brig. J.N.Rudra,
  • Brig. J.S.Bhullar,
  • Brig. S.Dutt – VSM,
  • Brig. Madhusudan,
  • Brig. Arun Kochar,
  • Brig. R.S.Brar,
  • Adm. Bahl,
  • Brig. H.S.Nagra,
  • Brig. G.S.Padda,
  • Brig. M.M.Badshah
  • …and many others have served our country with great valour.

Its been my longstanding wish to honour those gallant Officers Posthumously, who have lost their lives in line of their duty though a meagre effort, by putting up a Memorial Plaque of their name/s on a Wall of the War Memorial at BCS, Shimla. Since we do have a herculean task of finding out the names of such brave Officers, therefore, it is my humble appeal and request to all Old Cottonians worldwide that if they have any information regarding any of their batch-mates, whether Juniors or Seniors in School, who went on to join Army and sacrificed their lives in any Indo/China/Pak wars, please send information to the Webmaster/ or to the OCA India Secretary –

Forwarded on behalf of Hony. President Justice R.S. Sodhi

Ashwani Singh Virk – 9810194724
(Secretary OCA INDIA)

3 thoughts on “Message from President OCA India – Justice (Retd) R.S. Sodhi

  1. Shivjit Singh Shergill

    May I suggest that the list include the name of alter Col Dewan Ranjit Rai, MVC.
    He was commanding 1st Sikh iwhen the Batallion was moved to Srinagar in Oct 1947 from Gurgaon when war broke out. He is the first officer of independent India to be killed in action during that battle for which he was awarded the 1st Maha Vir Chakra of India. Infantry Day is celebrated on 27 Oct every year to mark this operation. In Military history he is called the saviour of Kashmir as he stopped the advancing enemy at Baramulla and didn’t allow them to reach Srinagar.

    1. Shivjit Singh Shergill

      Please excuse the spelling mistakes due to spell check.
      For alter – read Late
      For iwhen – read when
      Thank you


    Excellent suggestion from the Good Judge of a Memorial Plaque on a Wall of the War Memorial at BCS. I knew he would make an excellent President. Mr. President, please now take on the Headmaster’s contemptuous decree of OC’s visiting our school


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