Welcome message from OCA India President

‘It is with great honour and privilege, I wish to inform you that I, Justice Rupinder Singh Sodhi (Retd.) of BCS Batch – 1962, House – Curzon, have taken over as President of the ‘Old Cottonians Association – India’ w.e.f. 1st April 2017 alongwith my new team members as below :-
1. Mr. Ashwani Singh Virk – Secretary, Mob. 9810194724
2. Neel Kamal Mehra – Treasurer, Mob. 9810784441
3. Mr. Vivek Bhasin – Jt. Secretary, Mob. 9899561236
4. Mr. Himmat Singh, Mob. 9828383183
5. Col. Uppi Gill, Mob. 9417801853
6. Dr. Ravi Toor, Mob. 9888890788
7. Mr. K.Vijay Singh, Mob. 9811056361
8. Mr. Suneel Bandhu, Mob. 9223349090
9. Mr. Mohnish Sharma, Mob. 9930992094

I also hereby appeal to all of you to enthusiastically take part in activities organised by any chapter of OCA(India) and show your true Cottonian spirit to support our fraternity worldwide.
Sincerely looking forward to a healthy co-operation and association from all old cottonians.

9 thoughts on “Welcome message from OCA India President

  1. Gurpratap Singh ( I953-56 ). Class of 1956

    Congratulations to the new President and his team. Wish for you a purposeful and dedicated term in the service of the School we love. My Mantra : the best way to help the School forward is to back the Headmaster in every way we can. Believe me, I know enough to convey that we are all fortunate to have him and we should help him stay as long as we can.
    Let me suggest to you a much needed Project : let us all join in to begin the making of a State of the Art Hospital for our Alma Mater. Urge you Mr. President to set the Ball rolling and go on to deserve a Hero’s Applause. This has been, and is, a Crying Need at B.C.S.
    Best of Luck God bless.

  2. Dr. Santokh Singh

    Congratulations Justice Sodhi & team.
    Hope you all will do exceedingly well & continue the good work being done for the School by the OCA.
    Yes, I too am rather surprised to read the comment about the Headmaster.
    I have met him & feel he is a fine gentleman & has done a great deal for the School & brought it up to the level of being declared the best Boarding School in India.
    That’s not easy!
    Let’s all co-operate with Justice Sodhi, his team AND the Headmaster.


    (Mr. Deane can Google Old Cottonians and the Headmaster or read previous posts on The OCA site).

    The good judge has an excellent team, I notice another outstanding OC and friend, Neel Mehra
    I hope OCA has an accomplished new term

    Jai Joshi MD

    1. David Deane

      Congratulations, Your Honour ex-Judge Sodhi!!

      May I ask, off-line, what grevience Jai Joshi has with the Headmaster?
      Till date he has exceeded expectations! Good results in Academics, Sports & Games.

  4. Satinder Singh

    Interesting to note that the above provides all Board members phone contact except for the President?
    Must be an oversight?


    Hope all details are relevant
    Congrats RS. Any support we are with you &your new committee

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