The Great Himalaya and Our Bishop Cotton School

The Great Himalaya

No other range can match the lofty grandeur, the immense heights and the diversity in flora and fauna from the foothills to Kanchenjunga , to Mount Kailash to Mount Everest to

Bishop Cotton School….. which is at a mere 2300 metres or so but its perch, its architectural and geographical position were set to get maximum strength from the Sun God, pay obeisance when he sets across the Tara Devi Gap and a million stars appearing and the Moon illuminating the school, setting the 2nd and 3rd flats on a silver blaze. Besides Sports and Academics emphasis was on the pure Himalayan air, the smells of pine that was tonic to our growing years.

As a Third Former I used to creep across to the benches and strain my eyes and ears towards the gap wanting to know if my Mum and Pa thought of me every moment the way I did about them.Far away in Calcutta..

Having sailed the seas and touched every continent, driven across the Andes, The Rockies and the Alps my final return was always the Great Himalaya. Here New Monasteries, Temples, Pagodas, Mosques and Churches have come up yet I know our School Chapel stays unmatched in beauty and splendour. Being a Saprano in the Choir I had Adams, Dehlvi, Singhs, Bhasins , Tippakorn and Pandit all singing in unison to the hymns and psalms everyday.

Our School touched our lives and has stood entrenched in the soul of the mighty mountain range. It is there waiting with open arms for every Cottonian to come back today tomorrow or whenever..

We Cottonians are Blessed to have merged our soul with the Great Himalaya.

Vivek Bhasin

Lefroy 1961-1970

3 thoughts on “The Great Himalaya and Our Bishop Cotton School

  1. Vivek Bhasin

    Beautiful Picture Peter Sir! The Himalaya cradling our Bishop Cotton School up in Simla is a unique geographical and architectural feat; might I say an amazing phenomenon!Every Sincerely, Vivek Bhasin

  2. admin Post author

    Posted on behalf of Peter Stringer

    Our love of Patina lives on as each Cottonian remind ourselves of those cherished years
    From the 3rd Flat to Council Rock – our classrooms & dormitories to prayers in School’s lowly Trinity Chapel
    The fresh Himalayan air distinct pine odour, surrounding views of Chore peak in the east, Sommerhill to the west
    And looking through Tara Devi gap as the sun sets over the plains.
    Our Fraternity is blessed as new School Leavers join the OC chapters around the world
    Thank you Vivek for keeping the Spirit of BCS
    Some pictures to refresh your thoughts
    Yours fraternally
    Peter Stringer Lefroy 1943-47

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