Letter from Peter Stringer

While I was Secretary of OCA (UK) for over 25 years, I regret now, for not being Internet connected. Slowly catching up with OCA web news I find to have lost opportunities to gather & exchange interesting contacts.

Now old news comments & views from Mike Weatherfeild who was a class mate, in Prep School – we called a ‘nib’ because he was so clever. Is he still around?
I also find – Sept2013- Geraldine Grimshaw whose father Douglas Horner (School Prefect ’44) mentions Douglas often recalls Whitty White & ‘Lumbo’ Peter Evans & the Willy Brothers. A direct ‘late’ response with regard to Lumbo Evans who often asked did I have any news or whereabouts of the aforementioned.

This may be of interest to some readers.

On invitation I often attended the very cordial Auckland House School London Reunions. Introduced to lady visiting from Australia, who at once informed me Peter Evans was her brother. Peter had moved to Holland after losing his wife, lived with his partner & Sheila would be visiting him before returning to AUZ. Peter wasted no time & was in touch with me.
He & Elisabeth came over & stayed with us & we exchanged many visits when he attended our London annual Reunions.

Sadly now Peter passed away 11 March 2012. Gay Niblett, Catherine & John Phillips, Arthur Jones & his daughter Julie, Maggie & I attend his funeral at Muiderberg.

I also have many interesting photographs – BCS connected if you might like to share

I shall be most obliged if you would be kind to post on the web.

Peter Stringer (Lefroy 1943-47)

8 thoughts on “Letter from Peter Stringer

  1. Geraldine Grimshaw

    Hi Peter,

    I am Douglas Horner’s younger daughter, Geraldine. Have just seen this note and that Lumbo Evans has sadly died.

    Did you know my father or are any of my father’s friends from BC still alive? I would just love to hear from them or meet them. My e mail address is tp.grimshaw@talktalk.net

    Daddy spoke so happily of his time there.

    I hope this e mail finds you in good health.

    Kind regards,


  2. Michael Wetherfield

    Michael Wetherfield is still alive and *physically healthy (at 84). He was a “refugee” from Rangoon, Burma, and lived in Simla (1942-1945, at the Elysium Hotel) He boarded at BCPS 1942-43, and BCS 1944-5. He left BCS (and India) in December 1945 (but revisited Simla (sorry, Shimlah), and the School, with his wife, in 2005 (*?). His younger sister was at Auckland House.

    *His memory is failing!

  3. Jagat Aulakh

    Dear Peter

    Lovely to hear your news. I’m still in NZ so not sure I’ll be in London in June.

    Fond Regards to All

    Rivaz 1958-66

  4. Rajeshwar Singh Bal

    Hi , gentlemen, any idea regarding the whereabouts of Mr & Mrs Williamson.
    Rajeshwar S Bal.
    I – 1965/1972

    1. admin Post author

      Mrs and Mr Williamson were in India for a short visit during January. They live in Bristol. Will send you their contact details by email.

  5. Vivek Bhasin

    Dear Peter,

    Your nostalgic letters bring out similar feelings within me as my entire schooling from KG to Sixth Form took place at our beloved Bishop Cotton School.

    Whenever I enter the main gates I stop and look at that posts, the school crest and the path that leads past the Tennis Courts… I look up at the big chestnut tree … the tree stares back at me.. the tree talks to me …” welcome back again .. You son of your Alma mater… you may have gone as far as Cape Horn, the artic circle, walked through the green fields of England and laughed with loving tears whilst cuddling your grand children… you still find the time to come back to see me, the bricks , mortar, the Holy Chapel , the stately Irwin Hall, the dormitories , the peacock butterflies in Head Master’s pristine garden…You came here at the age of 5.. and now three score and a little more…tell me pray…why do you keep coming back ? Tell me pray..?”

    My emotions rise from within my heart and my eyes blur with heavy tears…

    For us Cottonians there is nothing we need to say.. nothing to explain … we can arrive silently and depart like the Pierce The Lefroy Ghost… all we need is to inhale the air of Bishop Cotton School… and hear the voices of all the sons of our Alma mater reaching into our souls….

    Vivek Bhasin
    Lefroy – Roll No: 123

  6. indikhanna Khanna

    Dear Peter,

    Yes Sir, the internet definitely has made the world of a difference to our lives.

    I do travel to the UK fairly often but on none of my trips have never had the opportunity to meet up with any OC there even though, or so I believe, Vivek Bhasin passed out from school the same year as me.

    This year I am likely to be in and out of London many times from the end of May till mid July, including quite a few weekends. I’d love to meet up with you to swap some tales and would be most interested to see any old BCS/Simla photographs you may have.

    Subject to your response which I look forward to, I could let you know my dates in London when I would be free from any work. Would be more than happy to hop a train to wherever you may be, to meet up with you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gurrinder S Khanna

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