New author on the block (OC Surinder S Ahluwalia)

Hi Folks,
I have now become a published author, though I have taken the route of self-publishing on Amazon Kindle (less hassles than with publishers). My novel can be purchased for a paltry Rs. 200 in India or for USD 2.99 in the US. It is also available in most countries of the world at equivalent local currency.

The book is titled, “Retribution by Proxy,” and can be searched by my name, Surinder S. Ahluwalia or by title. The cover you will see on the web page, is an artist’s version of a group photo that plays a pivotal role in the story. It has an interesting storyline, an idea about which, can be had by reading the synopsis on the web page. There is no fancy language – in fact it has been written in everyday language. It is a story of two school time friends in their early twenties, an engineer and an aspiring private detective, who are confronted and affected by the consequences of a crime that was committed more than 25 years earlier, when the British still ruled India.

Here’s the link:  

Do give it a read, and if you find it interesting, please give your rating and comments via Kindle. Needless to say, I am a first time author, and will need a lot of encouragement accompanied by good and positive publicity to attract buyers.

Happy Reading,

Surinder S. Ahluwalia

One thought on “New author on the block (OC Surinder S Ahluwalia)

  1. Surinder S. Ahluwalia

    Thanks to the Webmaster for putting this post on the OCA website. I thought I might also add that the two protagonists, the engineer and the aspiring private detective, are Cottonians (fictitious of course), of the mid 1950’s, who are confronted by this situation in the early 1960’s. The final action/climax is enacted during a re-union party of Old Cottonians at Rosewood Cottage near the school.

    Happy Reading.

    Surinder S. Ahluwalia
    (Ibbetson 1952-56)

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