Sandeep Mansukhani begins Mt. Everest journey

Time has finally arrived …..
Leaving today afternoon [5th March 2015] for Kathmandu ( Nepal) for the Mt. Everest (8850m/ 29,035) expedition north route.

Sandeep mansukhani

Keep me in your prayers for my health n safe climb. Subject to the comm link, I will keep updating my position on the mighty Everest through a dispatch, which will be posted by dear Simran (my wife). I have no words to express for the unconditional support of my father and family for letting me go on this amazing climb.  I pray the almighty to give them strength and courage. Also request you all to pray for my family. I thank my seniors, colleagues, friends and my extended family for the support.

14th April 2015 UPDATE:
A special news page has been setup HERE

3 thoughts on “Sandeep Mansukhani begins Mt. Everest journey

  1. Deepak K Thakur

    Sandeep, all the best for the success of your efforts to climb Mt. Everest. It is going to be challenging and I hope you will reach there successfully; have a safe climb and may your health be tops.

  2. Anil Advani

    Sandeep, all the very best for your expedition. May you keep attaining your dreams and ambitions.

  3. Vijay Khurana

    This is truly a remarkable effort !! Best of luck and our very best wishes!!

    Take some exclusive pictures that should preserved on the walls of BCS !!


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